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Graham Chronofighter

Graham Chronofighter ultralight carbon skeleton tourbillon chart I have a soft spot for watch brands that tend to do things differently, and Graham Chronofighter is the split design icon that defines the brand. The chronograph trigger on the left side of the case is inspired by the countdown watch developed …continue reading

Graham Swiss Watch

Graham Chronofighter Superlight Watch As one of the brand’s most iconic series, Graham Chronofighter Superlight has introduced one of the highest performing materials in the luxury watch industry. The case, trigger, bezel, dial and clasp are all made of scratch-resistant ultra-light black carbon composite material, which is made of highly …continue reading

Graham Chronofighter Oversize

Angus Davis reviewed Graham’s Chronofighter oversized magazine he watched online, the escapement clock, which is a rather unusual carbon chronograph “trigger”. Read why Angus likes the Graham products below. This morning, I woke up with mixed emotions. I looked out from the office window, it was humid and miserable. It …continue reading

Graham watches what brand is Graham

The watch is an important tool that people are familiar with, and most people choose to wear it when they travel. Everyone knows that Switzerland is the kingdom of watches, and almost all well-known watch brands are from Switzerland. Today, the watch house will introduce to you a Graham watch …continue reading

Graham FSU

I don’t like to swear. I don’t like to hear people swear. You can call me a self-righteous person, but this is how I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, my growth experience is not like Ronnie Corbett’s “Sorry” episode, we just don’t swear. I was detained for putting a …continue reading