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Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 4

Today, we launched the latest work of Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon series, which aims to explore all directions of tourbillon development. Histoire De Tourbillon 4 is equipped with a unique three-shell tourbillon, trying to offset the influence of gravity from all angles, because unlike the pocket watch that invented …continue reading

Harry Winston launched a project Z15

Regulator and retrograde. Harry Winston Project Z15 The project was launched in 2004, the project z is the Sports watch of Harry Winston in its marine line, is defined by aluminum-zirconium alloys, which is used to refer to Armidium case. Traditionally, the timing code table and dual time zone are …continue reading

Harry Winston-Opus 12

Harry Winston’s work 12 (opus 12) by Emmanuel Bouchet was inspired by the Copernican revolution and deliberately overturned the perception of time. In most watches, the change of time is hard to detect, but in Opus 12, the change of time is amazing. The hands change the guard every five …continue reading

Harry Winston Project Z14

Like its predecessors, Harry Winston Project Z14 reconciles creative contradictions because of the combination of exquisite details and bold techniques. The Z signature is a sign that the architectural elements strategically create a three-dimensional timepiece. Transparent materials and different finishes make the dial design more stylish and modern. For 14 …continue reading