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URWERK UR-110 Bakelite

URWERK UR-110 Bakelite. Ten years… it’s time to say goodbye. “Although we are not the kind of nostalgia here URWERK, we are proud to celebrate the 110th anniversary of our collection. This is the work that won the best design award at the Geneva Watch Grand Prix; facing evil on …continue reading

Urwerk UR-220 SLASIMOV

At night, but fortunate is a cube luminous. Last year, the Urwerk UR-220‘falcon project ‘is a thinner, lighter, manual air version of the brand trademark satellite cube display. Urwerk is now the first iteration of the flagship model, UR-220 SL Asimov. Dressed as generous flash dark super Luminova, the satellite …continue reading

Urwerk UR-100V T-Rex

Urwerk’s most terrifying and despicable concept is back…definitely the creature you want to tame! You can call Urwerk watches by many names, but shy or conservative is not part of this vocabulary. Bold, bold, provocative, futuristic, distinctive, these are the perfect way to describe these complex and avant-garde creations. In …continue reading

Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Equipment Pocket Watch – Pure Artistry

UR-1001 Zeit Device is a complicated watch, similar to the era of more than 1,000 years. Zeit equipment consists of a series of constellations, including rifles in flight and orbiting satellites. Urwerk designs springs, dials and carousels internally. UR-1001 includes 10 indicators and functions. Basically, it does not include Urwerk’s …continue reading


Show emergency Urwerk EMC TIMEHUNTER STORMTROOPER The new Urwerk EMC Timehunter white ceramic aka Stormtrooper is an easy-to-choose nickname, derived from Martin and Felix’s love of science fiction, especially “Star Wars.” Over the years, the universe established by George Lucas has greatly influenced the design of Urwerk timepieces. Since the …continue reading

URWERK UR-220 all black

Another shade of black… looks great again! This summer, URWERK copy announced the final version of the iconic UR-210. Fortunately, the brand announced the successor to this amazing aesthetic not long after, and to my relief, I can say that it is at least as good-looking and secretive as the …continue reading

Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project

UR-210 is dead, UR-2.2 million years old! A few months ago, URWERK announced the final version of its most iconic watch UR-210. UR-210 is a real time indicating flying saucer, it is a summary of everything Urwerk represents. However, there is no reason to feel sad because the brand has …continue reading

URWERK UR-210 latest version

URWERK showed the latest version of its iconic UR-210. This is the last timepiece in the iconic watch series from an independent watch brand, highlighting the features that make the UR-210 so special. The UR-210 watch was launched in 2012 and uses a titanium steel case. In addition to the …continue reading

Urwerk UR-110 torpedo watch hands-on

When Martin and Felix of Urwerk fake want to create something new-they have to sit down for a while and think about what they have done before and what they can do next. This is unique in the watch industry. This is really difficult. Even the satellite time telling system …continue reading