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Urwerk 100

The future Urwerk. Watch brand Urwerk is one of the youngest and most creative watch brands. It was only born in 1995, but it has won the attention of many fans around the world. The company was founded by two brothers, Thomas and Felix Bomgartner, who, together with successful designer …continue reading

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

The new Gold Edition is the fourth episode of replica URWERK UR-100, which is an exclusive collection of atypical timing tools inspired by the navigation of the Milky Way. The UR-100 watch is developed and produced by the Geneva watch studio URWERK. It breaks the boundaries of technology, design, instruction …continue reading

Urwerk shines through UR-110 TTH and UR-110 ST

Urwerk’s UR-110 series fake has been a mechanical masterpiece from the beginning. But now, the unique charm of UR-110 TTH and UR-110 ST will make watch fans drool! Urwerk UR-110 is a fascinating timepiece. The way to indicate time is to use the rotating satellite complex function on planetary gears, …continue reading

What is URWERK?

There are no more than 150 watches produced each year, and you can say that all our watches are rare. So we created URWERK products. If you are unfamiliar with URWERK, then we are a great way to find an ideally priced watch. Or, if you are one of our …continue reading