Graham FSU

I don’t like to swear. I don’t like to hear people swear. You can call me a self-righteous person, but this is how I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, my growth experience is not like Ronnie Corbett’s “Sorry” episode, we just don’t swear. I was detained for putting a textbook in a math class. Mom and Dad said not to swear, but never mentioned any arson. Oh damn, I just said that.

Therefore, FSU (the acronym for Fck Sht Up-take a closer look at the skull) is not love at first sight. Sorry, did I hear you there? Did you actually say what I thought you said in front of the watch? I thought only watches with diamonds were vulgar.

However, despite the outrageous sketches on the glass, I soon began to worship FSU. It soon came to me. The graffiti itself is a beautiful watch, but the etching on the glass elevates it to a work of art. It seems that the cup has been tattooed. Now, I do like tattoos. If they have full sleeves and so on, I will have a conversation with a completely stranger. Why not? If they do not want to attract them, they will not significantly change their appearance in this permanent way. Tattoos are not limited. A good watch should not be. I also think I love FSU because these hidden items are hidden. It seems very hidden because I have to say these words (followed by two hail Marys) so that my wife can see them. I like this because I often swear even if I don’t allow my mouth. F * ck Sh * t Up is not something we easily accept, but subconsciously, we sometimes have to admit to ourselves. Say it loudly, I’m more like a “wow!” A bit like a man. This hidden roar is generated from the external extreme of the Queen’s English and is a rebellious luxury. The freely chosen FSU logo does not require Alan Turing to decrypt, but it is as cool as the MBL team’s backing. In the MBL team, you have tens of millions of people watching you show all kinds that only you and the pitcher can understand Finger code.

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Please understand that this does not indicate a kind of epiphany. I will not suddenly use the F bomb and the C word mess. If the four-letter text on the FSU is bold, then clearly read the font that I would not be interested in at all. What attracts people’s attention is hidden naughty. In my case, I like this watch.

In my opinion, a watch can be compared to a mood ball. Sometimes you feel energetic and want to wear a practical sports watch, while at other times you want to relax, so decide to wear a separate and elegant formal watch. Sometimes, you feel like you are fighting against the world, and you just want to yell and lift it high with two fingers. FSU is at that moment.

In any case, less potty sapphire glass and more watches. In fact, there is only one last thing. The time on FSU is usually hidden behind the curse. This will lead to more dissident behavior, because you are actually saying, “I don’t give time to call.” I’m sorry, mother.

There are four other Graffiti watches in the family (see below). Graffiti itself is a rebellious past. It is often a rare fusion of illegal beauties. Some people choose to own their property, vehicles, and even dead bodies, so why not watch them?

All Graham Graffiti timepieces are limited editions and come with a variety of belts including leather, textiles, rubber or NATO. These five options will surely attract more listeners, for example, those around children, pastors and my parents.

Laser engraving is performed on the top surface of sapphire glass, but perfectly reflected on the bottom surface. This gives the logo an almost holographic appearance.

I don’t like the limited edition number placed on the glass next to the logo. This is wrong for me because it moves the focus away from the main event. In my humble opinion, it will be more appropriate on the bottom cover. However, the dome sapphire is a victory. It provides an industrial aesthetic similar to the dome roof of the planetarium or the front of the helicopter for the entire Chronofighter Grand Vintage series.

The jury still has no date. I have never been a fan. These are only effective when looking directly down at the surface. In most cases, it will cause the frustrating date aperture to be unrecognizable. I personally think that Graffiti watches should have eliminated it. The rest of the visual effects are definitely joy.

Tattoos are actually the wonders of prints and are very personal. People’s concepts and ideas have changed. Or, you may want to tell you the time on your watch in an effective way. Graham recognizes this by including a blank domed sapphire crystal in each Graffiti model.

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Graffiti FSU is part of the Chronofighter Grand Vintage series. The specifications for the entire range are the same. Only the dial and hands are different:

2CVDS.B29A is a FSU with ordinary sapphire glass, 2CVDS.B25A has the same rose gold hands and markings, 2CVDS.S02A has a sunburst anthracite dial and rose gold decoration, and 2CVDS.B02A has a rising olive green. The dial with a silver small dial and rose gold hands, while 2CVDS.U09A wears an all-blue sunburst dial with rose gold hands and hour markers.

The Cyclops Date Magnifier is more meaningful here, because when combined with the sub-dial at 3 o’clock, it adds symmetry to the dial’s appearance. I also like the way that the sub dial is interlocked with the sub dial with baton hour markers. For ultra-large utilitarian style timepieces, their proprietary trigger device is fixed on the side of the case, and the color dial is distinguished by its sunburst appearance and application mark. They are the opposite of FSU and its brothers.

Each Chronofigher Grand Vintage model is equipped with a 47 mm surgical grade stainless steel case, and is equipped with the famous thumb trigger for the chronograph (keyboard, we hardly mention this unique and revolutionary element), 100m water resistance Sex and sapphire crystal back cover.

The movement is a Graham G1747 equipped with Incabloc shock absorbers, a 48-hour power reserve and 25 jewels. It is a certified Chronofiable®. This brutal test subjected the watch to 20,000 shocks, ranging from 250 to 5500 m/s² (25.5 to 560.7g), angular acceleration, moisture and 0°C (32°F) to 57°C (134.6° C) Temperature range F) and set the timing function through 3000 operation cycles of start-stop-reset.

The surface of the hands is rhodium plated, which is more expensive than platinum, but is used for mirror polishing and is coated with Superluminova®. Paradoxically, Chronofighter FSU is easier to read night time than during the day.

Buying any watch at the price of six packs of beer is an indulgence. So why not make it a truly luxurious, almost inappropriate purchase. Let’s face it. Although the Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage Graffiti series has a precise, reliable and strong movement, it is secondary to telling time to wear this kind of artwork designed to reflect the wearer’s personality and attitude. As my proof of the statement of admiration shows, this attitude does not have to be a dirty Mary. It may just be people who want to go against the tide and go their own lives.

Graham Graffiti FSU is very bold, brave, brave, beautiful and bloody (blood allowed, isn’t it?).

The depth of Graham replica Watches’ successful Chronofighter Vintage series is uncommon in any watch brand, but it is particularly unique in the Graham Watch catalog because they account for more than half of all available models. However, as usual, this statement has a warning because most Vintage Nose Art and Vintage Special Series are limited edition limited editions. You can be sure that you have the exclusivity of any example.

There is a good line between offering a variety of luxury products and over-flavored pudding. Graham managed to create a huge number of 21 limited edition models from one platform, including the brilliant Pulsometer. The reason for this comes from the incredible diversity provided. In my opinion, there is one or more imagination that can attract anyone. Each of these trait entities will become a veritable birthplace of dialogue and be produced to a high standard so that they will be cherished for generations.

Case design is the perfect fusion of class and practicality. The concave bezel is very classic in design, but it is effortlessly combined with the quirky timing trigger mechanism. Compared with the Chronofighter Oversize series, it has a more exquisite design, which allows this style and practicality to be perfectly combined and has outstanding efficacy.

The only real trauma is to choose which of these heterogeneous individuals. It would be my fault if I sum up here without saying my personal preference. In the entire Chronofighter Vintage series, this is almost impossible, so I will use poetic elements to reveal that I will choose Lucia from the art of the nose, the dragon in the special series, the silver dial pulse meter and the complete bronze Chronofighter Vintage ………I think…no, please wait………