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Seiko’s design grammar: the art of impermanence

Correctly understanding Grand Seiko’s design grammar can help us appreciate its timepiece: art. Grand Seiko will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year, and with it comes increasing attention to the history of the brand. The center of history is Seiko’s design grammar, which was designed by the famous Taro Tanaka …continue reading


Grand Seiko is a true independent manufacturer with a long history. The production line was established in 1960, which is the beginning of Seiko’s commitment to producing high-end watches that can compete with the Swiss. In 1962, the legendary Seiko designer Taro Tanaka formulated a series of rules called Grammar …continue reading

GRAND SEIKO SOKO special edition

Since its first establishment 60 years ago, Grand Seiko has been fascinated by watch connoisseurs. Its timepieces have extremely high accuracy, the highest readability and a unique Japanese aesthetic. The brand has revolutionized the watchmaking industry through many innovations, including the Spring Drive movement, which provides seamless seconds movement and …continue reading