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Behind the design of BREMONT Jaguar D-TYPE

To celebrate the release of the new BREMONT JAGUAR D-TYPE, we carefully studied the design behind the chronograph and the car that inspired it. Jaguar Classic recently resumed production of the iconic 1950s Type D racing car in Coventry, 64 years after the first batch of examples were manufactured. In …continue reading

Bremont Watches

Bremont fake Watches We finally covered some new versions of Bremont. This time we will continue to pass the remaining lineup, maybe in some movies to overcome some movies. U-2 was initially inspired by the elite U-2 spy plan team. The launch of U-22 has a new supplement. A newly …continue reading


On Jaguar and watches: BREMONT JAGUAR MKIII chronograph. British weak? With some notable exceptions (humming, Rolex Explorer, Omega AT), my favorite watches tend to be the underdogs-moderately priced Hamilton watches, obscure German brands like Guinand and vintage military-issued watches. I like vintage watches for many reasons, including original design, brand …continue reading


BREMONT replica -founder NICK ENGLISH tested the bronze characters This is brand new to me. I have never tried to own and wear a bronze watch. The “Bronze Age” of my watch ownership has finally arrived, because I was able to test the latest watch Broadsword Bronze to be added …continue reading

Which Bremont watch should you get?

Why buy a Bremont watch? Bremont is a watch company that originated from the two brothers’ love for machinery and aviation. Their enthusiasm for these two media produced high-quality mechanical watches. These watches have become popular among adventurers, soldiers, celebrities and classic watch lovers. Unlike quartz watches that use replaceable …continue reading

Kingsman: Secret Service

Bremont was chosen to produce three unique custom watch series for this movie. Each Kingsman agent in the film wears a beautiful Kingsman special edition rose gold on the crocodile leather strap, while the trainees wear the black invisible Kingsman special edition DLC chronograph. In addition, the Kingsman Special Edition …continue reading

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Brand Exclusive: Limited Edition before January 1918-Celebrating 100 Years of British Military Aviation As the Royal Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary, British military aviation reached an important milestone in 2018. This long-established institution is world-renowned and has a long tradition, providing aerial protection for the United Kingdom and its …continue reading

Hands-on practice with Bremont MKI and MKII

At last year’s Concours D’Elegance conference in Pebble Beach,replica Jaguar announced plans to build six light E-type two-door sedans, exactly the same as it was produced in 1963. The initial “Special GT E” project required the construction of 18 vehicles. , Although only 12 are actually completed. Now, after more …continue reading