Graham watches what brand is Graham

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The watch is an important tool that people are familiar with, and most people choose to wear it when they travel. Everyone knows that Switzerland is the kingdom of watches, and almost all well-known watch brands are from Switzerland. Today, the watch house will introduce to you a Graham watch from the British watch brand Graham. Let’s take a look at it.

In the modern era when the Swiss watch industry is booming, many people may never notice that the true birthplace of the watch industry is actually the United Kingdom. The history of the watchmaking industry originated in the 17th century. It was an expedition period when the British Royal Navy’s fleet continued to expand its territory and horizons. The calculation of longitude position became a very important part of the world hegemony. In 1714, to encourage the early development of longitude calculation methods at sea, the British Royal Queen Ann held a special public competition called the Royal Longitude Calculation Instrument Competition, hoping to attract elites from all walks of life to invent accurate longitude calculation methods and instruments with high prizes.

The technological and conceptual inventions of various generations of British watchmakers can be inherited and passed on by future generations. For example, George Greenham was the first person to invent the timer, so people call this great watchmaker the “father of the timer.” The world’s first pendulum clock invented by Thomas Tompion is still in the Royal Greenwich Observatory. John Arnold was the first prize winner of the British Royal Longitude Computational Instrument Competition. The nautical timer he made was an essential instrument for all expedition fleets at that time. These unique and important inventions have not only established their status as masters in the history of watchmaking, but also have always occupied an important position in the current watchmaking industry.

George Greenham’s most noticeable inventions include the anchor escapement, the aperiodic escapement, the mercury-compensated pendulum, the question swiss movement replica watches with the regulator, etc. These inventions have gained a place in the watch industry even today. . Because of his continuous innovation in mechanical design, meticulous and practical functional inventions, and never hesitating to share new inventions with his peers, George Greenham was highly respected by the British watch industry.

In addition to taking George Graham’s works as the blueprint, the Greenham brand watches have inherited his innovative spirit in functional design, and each watch is amazing. All series of Greenham watches have chronographs as their main function, such as Chronofighter series, Silverstone series, Foudroyante 1/8-second split-second lightning chronograph, Aeroflyback rangefinder chronograph stopwatch and so on.