Graham Swiss Watch

Graham Chronofighter Superlight Watch
As one of the brand’s most iconic series, Graham Chronofighter Superlight has introduced one of the highest performing materials in the luxury watch industry. The case, trigger, bezel, dial and clasp are all made of scratch-resistant ultra-light black carbon composite material, which is made of highly complex and advanced processing techniques. The Chronofighter ultra-light watches in Graham stand at 47mm in size, but due to the use of lightweight materials, these watches sit at a lighter weight of 100 grams thicker on the wrist.

Graham Chronofighter Steel Watch
The Chronofighter steel watch series in Graham perfectly embodies the brand’s philosophy and direction, especially the engineering design for the most exciting adventure in the sky. These instruments are made of materials such as stainless steel, carbon, ceramics and fabrics, which are aesthetically pleasing and can be used in extreme conditions thanks to scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, luminous dials and high-strength straps. The Graham Chronofighter Steel watch is also equipped with a chronograph function and a calculated telemetry scale, allowing you to measure distance with the speed of sound.

Graham Chronofighter Prodive watch
Replacing the sky with the ocean, the watch manufacturer released a limited edition Graham Chronofighter Prodive watch in 2012. Nevertheless, its success has earned it a permanent position in the series, and has since become an iconic luxury diving watch for professional and amateur divers. With a patented single-button chronograph system, two-color non-radiant luminous indication and automatic helium valve, every Graham Chronofighter Prodive watch is incredibly water resistant to 2,000 meters, so you will never feel affected. Limited to the depth you can reach.

Graham Chronofighter GMT watch
The Chronofighter GMT watches in Graham are absolutely stunning, not only for their incredibly convenient second time zone function, but for their elegant and refined sapphire bezel. These extraordinary timepieces are ideal wrist companions for those of us who are frequent flyers who need constant reminders of the time to go home and the time in the new climate. The easy-to-read GMT function is indicated by a large arrow pointer in the center, which points to the new hour on the colored bezel. We also like the large date window at 12 o’clock, which is a wonderful addition to the classic Chronofighter design.

Graham Silverstone RS watch
For adrenaline fans who like the beauty of mechanical innovation, the sporty Graham Silverstone RS watch series has surpassed modern watchmaking and entered its entire field. The eye-catching chronograph dial is reminiscent of the nature of the racetrack, while the accuracy and efficiency of the automatic movement is inspired by the machines that race on these roads. The Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton watch is particularly breathtaking, and its hollow dial deserves only the highest praise.

Graham Geo.Graham watches
The Graham Geo Graham watch collection allows us to save the best for last. This extraordinary collection of timepieces pays tribute to the heritage and success of George Graham, the father of chronographs and the creators of some of the most outstanding innovations in the industry. As a tribute to his work, Graham Geo.Graham watches only use the best complications and materials that George Graham expected. Some of the amazing complications include the tourbillon movement, the moon phase retrograde function, the 18-carat gold case and the hollow holes.

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