Graham Fortress Ltd: Left field, but logical

The fake Graham Fortress is a chronograph with a single pusher inside the crown. By placing the single button/crown on the left side of the case, the watch breaks with convention. However, taking this unusual approach to chronograph design makes a lot of sense.

What’s in the name? The Fortress lives up to Graham’s fondness for aviation-themed product names. Maybe its moniker is a hat-off to the Flying Fortress of the 1930s? Alternatively, the word “fort” might conjure up images of military fortresses or castles, and by default conjure up strong castle-like buildings and impenetrable structures. All of these associations are consistent with the tough nature of this new Graham model.

To truly understand the watch brand of La Chaux-de-Fonds one has to think like Graham, I don’t stick to the rules and accept mediocrity; be #bold and #brave. If the sign says “Keep away from the grass,” put on a pair of big boots and do a hop on the grass. If other brands choose to place the buttons on the right side of the case, break the rules and go left.

In fact, when you look at Graham’s new Fortress, you’ll notice the single button on the left side of the case. This single pusher is located at the top of the crown and is used to start, stop and reset the chronograph. This is the #one-stop shop for all your stopwatch needs. By combining it with the crown, it gives the case a clean, uncluttered profile.

But left field designs can also be very logical. The pusher on the left side of the case proves to be more #intuitive to use. When using a chronograph, the wearer observes the start of an event, activates the stopwatch function, and then stops the timer when the event ends. The underlying problem is the human factor, the time lag between seeing the event and pressing the button. The shorter the interval between observation and button press, the more effective the elapsed time recorded. The thumb is the fastest-moving finger, so with this design, right-handed people will instinctively put their fullest finger on the button and press it with lightning speed.

Another major benefit of placing the combined crown and single button on the left side is that it is very comfortable for the wearer. Often, when a watch is worn and the wearer bends the wrist, the protrusion on the right side of the case can scratch the wrist, scratch the skin, or hinder free movement. Fortress’ left-field approach does not cause such problems. Graham fake

The blue sunray dial and black grained dial feature #bold luminous hours and minutes combined with ample applied Arabic numerals for meaning. The dial features two round brushed chronograph counters, a small seconds display at 3 o’clock and a 30-minute chronograph at 6 o’clock. The date display is located near the single button/crown. Housed in a 47mm stainless steel case, the generous proportions give the wrist an impressive presence, while the exhibition caseback lets you see the Fortress’ Swiss automatic movement.

The rebellious company doesn’t like fancy marketing, choosing to focus on making watches of exceptional quality with a lot of personality. fake luxury watches