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Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon: Everyday (Flying) Tourbillon

Corum of La Chaux-de-Fonds is a small batch of art known for its “Bubbles”, “Feathers”, “Coins” and Dodecagon Admiral’s Cup series of sports watches. However, the Corum Bridge collection is the basis for the brand’s stated Haute Horlogerie street cred. Like the original 1980 “Golden Bridge”, the Corum Bridge Ti-Bridge …continue reading

Franck Muller: The most complicated clock in the world

Franck Muller’s innovative watches are favored by connoisseurs and watch lovers around the world. They are absolutely eye-catching, always inspiring with new complications. Learn more about watchmaker Franck Muller, company history, famous clients and most popular collections. Extraordinary talent Frank Muller Watchmaker Frank Muller fake was born in 1958, the …continue reading

GMT, the first true Greubel Forsey complication?

Stricto Sensu, high power reserve or tourbillon are not complications. Complications were defined as additional function rather than improvement in HMS function. Aside from the flimsy power reserve and the excellent work of the builders, Steven Fauci and Robert Grubel never added complexity to their horological cathedral. Even the quadruple …continue reading