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Franck Muller Crazy Time: 15 Years of Crazy

It happened during the holidays. The founder of the same name of Franck Muller came up with the idea of ​​Crazy Hours, ostensibly when he was on vacation in Mauritius in early 2000. But before that, the watchmaker has proven to the world that this is true. He himself is …continue reading

Franck Muller Vanguard Racing V 45 SC DT watch

Franck Muller replica watches are rarely overlooked. No matter how you feel about it, the brand’s well-known eye-catching, curved barrel case shape needs attention. I have always thought that Franck Muller is a brand full of special markets. At least in my opinion, this is Richard Mille (Richard Mille’s) high-tech …continue reading

Franck Muller luxury watches

Franck Muller’s replica ever-growing Vanguard series incorporates a bold and adventurous spirit. At the beginning of the current renaissance of mechanical watches, Franck Muller launched the Cintrée Curvex case in 1992. Soon after, as the Cintrée Curvex became one of the most well-known cases in modern times, the obvious curve …continue reading

Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex

Franck Muller fake is not a subtle person, he accepts the mantra of “get big or go home” wholeheartedly. When you make the most complicated watch in history, why make a watch with only 10 complications (we provide you with Aeternitas Mega 4)? Similarly, when a watch can have three …continue reading

Franck Muller: Vanguard™ Yachting

The Complication Master released a new timepiece for the world. Inspired by the dynamic Vanguard™ series, the yacht series developed a new view of time with its nautical details. Yacht watches have all the nautical details: from the dark blue to the wind rose decorated on the dial, everything reminds …continue reading

Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton

The Revolution series tourbillon launched by Franck Muller represents some of the most ambitious, radical and amazing achievements in the history of contemporary watchmaking. Today, Franck Muller introduced the Vanguard Revolution 3 skull, which provides extraordinary technical wonders and emotions that only Frank Muller can find. This watch uses an …continue reading


Franck Muller’s Skafander™ is a unique diving watch, wearing an iconic barrel-shaped case. This innovative timepiece is powered by an automatic movement, with an innovative rotating bezel below the dial, fully accessible by buttons, water resistant to 100 meters, and a removable marker that the owner can set himself to …continue reading