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Ulysse Nardin refreshes 42MM Dual Time

The new urban style of this historic model. This Swiss watch factory is equipped with the famous Dual Time refurbished version, which is prepared for travelers, staying in the air as much as the time spent on the ground. In 1994, Ulysse Nardin invented the patented real-time time zone adjustment …continue reading

Blasting! Ulysse Nardin has a new watch

Sounds like what the villain Tintin would say, Ulysse Nardin has launched its latest watch, a skeleton beast, which is characterized by “complex geometrical angular checkerboard structure-reminiscent of sneaky airplanes-created A masterpiece of powerful, powerful and imposing master.” Called BLAST. As you can see, BLAST has a huge shell and …continue reading

So many tables, why did you remember it?

Athens watch Freak fantasy series subverts the traditional aesthetic design, with a bold, avant-garde style to interpret the other side of the watch. When the unknown “X” collides with the Freak Fantasy series of Athens watch, what kind of visual effect will it bring? Athens Watch FreakX watch rose gold …continue reading

Ulysse Nardin Freak X

Ulysse Nardin Freak X: “affordable” freak Did you know that the first ballpoint pen was invented in 1888, but failed because of poor handwriting? It is designed to write on rough materials such as wood and leather (successfully completed), and because of manufacturing limitations, the writing quality is very rough. …continue reading

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph Rose Gold

ULYSSE NARDIN Ocean Chronograph It is no accident that Ulysse Nardin cheap watches chose a nautical anchor as a company logo. As a long-term supplier of the world’s best mechanical marine astronomical timepieces, Le Locle’s watchmaker’s name is derived from precision instruments. The 18-carat rose gold Ulysse Nardin Marine chronograph …continue reading