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Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon Watch

Corum fake just asked me to shout about this new tourbillon watch that will be released in Basel for a few days in 2010. Therefore, Corum will launch at least two new tourbillon watches this year-Ti-Bridge Tourbillon and Admiral’s Cup Minute minute repeater tourbillon. Although I really only noticed the …continue reading

Corum Golden Bridge TITANE DLC Watch

At first glance, replica Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC may be a bit difficult to wrap your thoughts. This is the evolution of Corum’s gold bridge and its “linear” movement, first entered the more traditional circular case we see here. With its suspension bridge, the “pillar” on both sides, this …continue reading

Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle Watch

As early as 2016, we had the opportunity to experience the replica Corum Golden Bridge Round firsthand, which is different from the previous Golden Bridge watches. It uses a round case instead of the well-known angular case of the series. For Baselworld 2017 (Baselworld 2017), designer Dino Modolo used the …continue reading

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch hands-on

Like many modern watchmakers, Corum has had an interesting time in the past few years. Through the ups and downs, around 2016, the brand will rediscover itself and recall some of the personalities that make modern brands interesting. In terms of how people wear modern timepieces, the ancient Corum (e.g. …continue reading

New Corum Admiral Legend 42: Return to its roots

Corum reconnects with the original handicraft heritage on the basis of the marine inspiration of its Admiral series. Nautical inspiration Both new Corum Admiral Legend 42 models are equipped with a wooden dial. The first variant paired the blue rubber bezel with the blue teak dial, directly citing the teak …continue reading

Avant-garde watchmaking – CORUM Golden Bridge

The story of CORUMs Golden Bridge is simply an exception! Vincent Calabrese, a young watchmaker from the idyllic town of La Cox-de-Fons, knocked on the door of CORUMs one day to introduce his latest invention: a strange rectangular bread movement. He may not know that this will be the development …continue reading

Corum-Golden Bridge Wheel

For 35 years, Corum ’s Golden Bridge barrel-shaped case has attracted many watch fans, showing a complex French bread movement from all angles. This iconic piece debuted with a round case. The French baguette movement combines cutting-edge micromachinery and monumental architecture, imitating the monumental Golden Gate Bridge of Francisco and …continue reading