BRM Chronographes V12 Martini Racing

Angus Davies personally drove the BRM Chronographes V12 Martini Racing. A detailed review of BRM Chronographes V12 Martini Racing includes real-time pictures, specifications and prices. Martini, the manufacturer of Italian absinthe, has always been consistent with motorsport. Since the 1970s, this charismatic company has participated in Le Mans competitions with …continue reading

Ceramic masterpiece by Greubel Forsey

Greubel Forsey‘s Double Tourbillon Technique 30 ° is now available in ceramic. For most watch brands, the release of watches with new materials is not a big news, but for this watch, the manufacturer has a limited number of watches that collectors will pay attention to. Greubel Forsey watches, mostly …continue reading

TAG Heuer: Precision Timekeepers Meet Motorsport

Heuer has had a number of major successes throughout its history, including the development of the first mechanical stopwatch that could time to within 1/100th of a second. It didn’t take long for the name Heuer to become synonymous with precision and reliability. This led to Heuer serving as the …continue reading

Why Watch Movements Have Jewels

Watches and jewelry have a certain affinity – at least that’s what most jewelry shop displays would have you believe. Men’s watches are sometimes described as the only piece of masculine jewelry, and classic women’s watches are frequently adorned with precious stones, mother-of-pearl dials, and other luxurious materials. Women’s watches …continue reading

How can you find out which watch you own?

It may be not uncommon for someone to abruptly and unexpectedly become the operator of a watch. The watch was probably inherited, a gift, or seen in the attic. If you don’t know which often watch model you have, it creates the decision whether to keep that or sell it …continue reading

Are watches really a good investment?

Individuals make personal connections along with watches that few several match. We use timepieces every day. They are functional, an individual fashion statement, and often have an psychological value that bonds their own owner to them. All those components combined are what provide people pleasure and enjoyment whenever wearing a …continue reading