Graham Chronofighter Oversize

Angus Davis reviewed Graham’s Chronofighter oversized magazine he watched online, the escapement clock, which is a rather unusual carbon chronograph “trigger”. Read why Angus likes the Graham products below.

This morning, I woke up with mixed emotions. I looked out from the office window, it was humid and miserable. It was a typical summer day in Lancashire (UK). I have worn Graham’s Chronofighter oversized for a few weeks and, to be honest, I will be sad to see it go.

When we first met, I liked Graham Chronofighter Oversize, but I couldn’t pretend it was love at first sight. I thought my love affair with the super watch ended a few years ago. I’m wrong. In the past two weeks, I have become very attached to Chronofighter Oversize and don’t want to return the news “lender” model that I was loaned in good faith.

At first, I was not sure about the timing trigger on the left side of the case. However, it then seduce me surreptitiously. The carbon trigger begs to be touched, and I find that starting the chronograph is a cathartic pleasure.

I am no stranger to Graham’s preference for trigger chronographs. I remember reviewing the Chronofighter 1695 rose gold watch and chatting with Eric Loth, the founder of Graham London. I still remember Loth, an engineer, who explained the basic principles of installing triggers. The thumb is said to be the fastest finger and proves to be the most qualified number to control a chronograph. I have tried to operate the stopwatch function without looking down at the watch. Its design and location are very intuitive. Its scale and shape guide the thumb in place, and it feels anatomically suitable for measuring elapsed time, while focusing on the task at hand.

This watch has a masculine temperament; it is a men’s watch, very suitable for mature Alpha men. However, despite its rough appearance, its chiseled beauty attracted a passionate look. In addition, there are plenty of pleasing design details that provide a compelling reason for ownership. I often find myself using the word “joy” to describe Chronofighter Oversize, because its bold aesthetics and rich proportions make me smile.


Graham provides the wearer with a range of dial colors to choose from. My borrowed watch has a gray dial canvas and two black snail-shaped subdials. Chronofighter Oversize

The small seconds display is at 3 o’clock and the 30-minute counter is at 6 o’clock. The latter sub-dial overlaps the former. Interestingly, the dial has only two sub-dials, and they are arranged asymmetrically. I like to deviate from normalcy and applaud Graham for daring to be different.

The hours and minutes are marked with black hands with black Super-LumiNova coating. They display a secretive personality that is juxtaposed with the overall outgoing personality of the watch. The hands glow green under restricted light, and this aspect is shared with the striking Arabic numerals that surround the dial and indicate the hours.

The central chronograph hand is gray, matching the canvas of the main dial, but still easy to see, allowing the wearer to easily distinguish the elapsed seconds.

The round date window is located between 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Graham has always been brave and has been exploring his own design path. In my opinion, it brings a fresh, thought-provoking and highly practical owning experience to the wearer.


As freely stated in the nomenclature, Graham Chronofighter Oversize is large. Its diameter is 47 mm, and I suspect it is too large for some potential buyers. Indeed, when I learned about the important statistics of this all-around watch hero, I was a little worried. But don’t worry: the watch is actually very comfortable to wear.

I once owned a large watch with a similar diameter. Although I liked its appearance, I found that the crown on the right side pierced my arm, leaving an unsightly red mark after a day of intimacy. Fortunately, when wearing Chronofighter Oversize, my wrist did not encounter a similar dilemma. The reason is that the crown, trigger and reset button are located on the left side of the case. These elements always remain perpendicular to the arm, so they will never scratch or bruise. This is a logical, simple and very popular attribute of Graham Chronofigher Oversize .

The bezel is made of ceramic with a shiny appearance. It adds a rich and luxurious atmosphere to the exterior of the case, and forms a wonderful contrast with the steel case, lugs and back cover.

The exhibition case back adorning the back of the watch displays the G1747 self-winding movement. The bottom cover is fixed by six screws, and the tapered edge of its shape improves the comfort of the wearer.

A notable aspect of the specification is the strap and pin buckle. Brown leather strap, beige stitching, retro nostalgia, majestic. Although some potential buyers may choose the watch version with a practical rubber strap, I prefer the leather option because it provides a wealth of charm and warmth. The pin buckle is made of polished steel with a square pin buckle connected to a rectangular hole, replacing the small round type commonly seen on other best price watches.


The G1747 automatic chronograph has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), has 25 jewels, and provides a 48-hour power reserve.

However, this is a finish that I have always been obsessed with, and the finish of Graham Chronofighter Oversize is pleasant, especially considering the attractive price.

The rotor is decorated with Côtes de Genève patterns, the blue screws are very obvious, and the main bridge is decorated with pearl patterns.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize has always been an absolute pleasure to wear. This is a watch I usually don’t choose by the way. However, it is through spending time with it that you will be attracted by its many attributes.

There are many small details that can bring pleasure. For example, the upper surface of the reset button of a rectangular chronograph has a black texture pattern, which is very delicate. It is the smallest details that bring joy to this watch. I use the word “joy” again, but whenever I talk about Graham Chronofighter Oversize, I easily leave this expression in my mouth.

Trigger happiness? Indeed I am.

Technical specifications:

Model: Graham Chronofigher Oversize
Reference: 2CCAC.S01A
Case: stainless steel; diameter 47 mm; water resistance to 100 meters; sapphire crystal front and bottom cover
Functions: hours; minutes; small seconds; date; chronograph
Movement: Calibre G1747, self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz); 25 jewels; 48-hour power reserve
Strap: Brown leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle