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The timepiece and diamond jewelry company Jacob & Co. showcased its latest release of the Astronomia casino, which features a fully operable miniature roulette under the sapphire crystal dome case. The wheels of the Astronomy Casino are made of green, red and black enamel, with mahogany inlays, and are activated …continue reading


Jacob & Co. collaborates with luxury timepieces and diamond jewellery companies, in collaboration with Atletico Lisbon, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid football legend Luis Figo Three new limited edition timepieces were introduced at the Baselworld 2018. The Epic X Chrono Luis Figo limited edition watch will have Figo’s name engraved …continue reading

Jacob & Co Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+

Jacob & Co Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ pays tribute to the fastest cars in the world and strengthens cooperation with Alsace, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. This work was created to celebrate the milestone of ground speed records for vehicles approved on the street. For this, the highest level …continue reading

Jacob & Co. Astronomy Casino Hands-On Watch

As I mentioned before, watches are sometimes just to appreciate their craftsmanship … not practicality, not versatility … just to prove that something heinous can be successfully completed. For me, this is an opportunity. . . “An article from the blog” (transcribed below) summarizes this watch in perfect quotations: It …continue reading

Jacob & Co.Twin Turbo replica watch

When it comes to watches, few brands do better than Jacob & Co. The company was founded in 1986, initially as a jewelry outfit, and began to produce watches in 2002. Jacobs watch has no tradition, as the astronomical sun and the epic sf24 prove. This year, the brand launched …continue reading