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Jacob & Co. Astronomy: Reinventing Time

When Jacob & Co. introduced poetic interpretations of the Moon and Earth in 3D astronomy in 2014, the brand could not have foreseen the impact this watch would have on the collectors world. The Astronomia watch from Jacob & Co. debuted in 2014 and has wowed the world, both aesthetically …continue reading

Hands On: Jacob & Co Astronomia Casino and Masters

Anonymity, understatement, caution: If your mindset includes these three concepts, then this article is not for you. Let’s be clear: giving up anonymity and discretion doesn’t mean showing off or being rude, it just means you’re brave enough to dare. Jacob&Co fake embodies this philosophy well and doesn’t delay letting …continue reading

JACOB & CO. TWIN TURBO FURIOUS Series Bugatti Edition

JACOB & CO. copy announced a long-term partnership with Bugatti at Baselworld 2019. March 20, 2019 Molsheim/Basel: Jacob & Co. is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with Bugatti, the world’s most renowned manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, to launch a series of exclusive co-branded products. The partnership brings together …continue reading

Jacob & Co. Astronomical Sky

At a time when most watch companies are scaling back offering more conservative offerings, Jacob & Co. has launched the most unorthodox and spectacular timepiece in its more than 30-year watchmaking history. Built under the technical supervision of complication specialist Luca Soprano, the replica Astronomia Sky features a world-class central …continue reading

Jacob & Co Astronomia Sky

In 2014, Jacob & Co perfect shocked the watch industry with the launch of the astronomical gravity three-axis tourbillon watch. This year, the brand has extended Astronomia’s innovation even further with the launch of Astronomia Sky, adding an unprecedented complication: a three-dimensional star display combined with an elliptical sky indicator …continue reading

Jacob & Co. Jackpot Astronomia Tourbillon Watch

See-through, unique “transparent” case The eye-catching rare metal and artificial sapphire crystal case shows everything incisively and vividly, and the crystal case of each watch is handcrafted. Usually flat man-made sapphire crystals are simple to process and can be manufactured in batches by machines that cannot handle the curved domed …continue reading