URWERK UR-220 all black

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Another shade of black… looks great again!

This summer, URWERK copy announced the final version of the iconic UR-210. Fortunately, the brand announced the successor to this amazing aesthetic not long after, and to my relief, I can say that it is at least as good-looking and secretive as the excellent UR-210. The successor is the new UR-220 Falcon project, which uses a carbon fiber shell. Today, about five weeks have passed since the first new UR-220, and it is time to change to another one. Another black, although the black is slightly different…Let’s take a closer look at the UR-220 all black.

Among all the works of URWERK, UR-210 is the favorite of the MONO team. Combining the complex mechanisms of UR-201, UR-202 and UR-203 and their extended and retracted hour hands with the brand’s “trademark” satellite time indicator, the interpretation of the satellite hour indicator becomes extremely complicated. It is unbelievable to see it “in operation”, and you just want to keep looking.

This may be the reason why UR-210 has always inspired us to use many high-level languages ​​when describing it in all its iterations. Especially the steel version, it also appeared on the steel bracelet, and was baptized into an all-metal jacket, which won our enthusiastic praise. But the question is whether some key changes between UR-210 and the new UR-220 will change our thinking. During the Geneva Surveillance Day, we had the opportunity to play around with the new UR-220 Falcon plan. To be honest, I think it is better than UR-210. That’s why…

UR-210 has an automatic movement, so it is user-friendly. Even if you like to manually wind your watch every morning, yes, many watch collectors like this morning’s ceremony-it is undeniable that automatic watches are so easy to use. But there are others. The self-winding watch, or actually its movement, is wound by the winding mass and a set of gears, clutches, pins and springs, so you don’t need to do this manually. However, all of this takes up space, which means that a thicker movement must be packed into the case. Now, the new UR-220 has a manual winding movement and lacks a winding device, which can reduce the thickness of the watch from a considerable 17.8 mm (UR-210) to a very acceptable 14.8 mm. This makes the wrist completely different!

Except for the thickness, the shape and proportions of the case have not changed at all. This means that it is still 43.8 mm wide and measures 53.6 mm from top to bottom. The case is made of titanium and steel, and the materials and weight used differ only from the carbon version. The carbon fiber version is 25% lighter than the new all-black version of the titanium and steel case. Replacing carbon with steel increases the weight of the wrist, and it is a black shade. Otherwise, the two are similar.

“UR-220 is a natural progression of our UR-210 model,” explained Martin FREI, designer and company founder of replica URWERK watches. “It means the death of UR-210, so it can be reused under new guidance.” The difference lies in the practical eyes. “

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The UR-20X model uses a turbine, which can be seen through the sapphire hole in the back cover. The UR-210 has a selector for adjusting the way the Online copy nwatch is wound: no winding, mid-winding or best winding. This function is designed to protect the movement of the person wearing the watch during various activity levels. All very future features. On the new UR-220, these functions are gone… but another even more useful function has reappeared! This is the URWERK oil change indicator!

Originally introduced in the UR-110 model, this feature has been improved over time. This indicator tells you how long the movement has been running and when to refresh the oil. It shows the number of months that the movement has been running on two side-by-side drums. When you buy a watch, activate the count by removing the locking pin and pressing the button on the back of the watch. When the scroll wheel indicates that the movement has been running for 39 months, it is time to repair the watch. During maintenance, the counter will be reset to zero and the locking pin will be replaced.

Despite the bold appearance of UR-220 (actually every URWERK), the attention to detail is incredible. This is a step further than using “difficult to machine” alloys because they have better friction properties or lighter weight and are not limited to the appearance of watches. Designer Martin Frei has designed a new format for hours and minutes, which in my opinion once again makes the UR-220 a notch higher than its predecessor. Now that we have seen the all black and all carbon fiber versions, they both have different black shades, and I would like to know that more black shades can be imagined.

Felix Baumgartner, another co-founder of URWERK, put this idea into practice: “This is not only a digital counter, but it also establishes a connection with your perfect replica watch. The oil change indicator can Prove the time the watch spends on the wrist. By winding it regularly, you can also clearly see the energy in the clockwork.”

Technical specifications-URWERK UR-220 all black
Case: width 43.8mm x length 53.6mm x height 14.8mm-titanium and steel-sapphire crystal-black DLC coated titanium back cover-water resistance 30m
Display: hovering hours on satellite complication and 3D counterclockwise-dual power reserve indicator-oil change indicator on the two rollers on the back, showing the cumulative operating time of the movement (in months)
Movement: UR-7.20 movement UR-7.20 movement-manual winding-59 jewels-48 hours power reserve-28,800 vibrations per hour-Swiss lever escapement
Strap: leather with titanium buckle