Urwerk UR-100V T-Rex

Urwerk’s most terrifying and despicable concept is back…definitely the creature you want to tame!

You can call Urwerk watches by many names, but shy or conservative is not part of this vocabulary. Bold, bold, provocative, futuristic, distinctive, these are the perfect way to describe these complex and avant-garde creations. In addition to watches inspired by science fiction and space exploration, UR-105 T-Rex is one of the most eye-catching models of all time. UR-105 T-Rex is a textured bronze reptile. Incidentally, it also The time is displayed in the classic Urwerk style. This design is the latest work of the brand, using the latest UR-100V T-Rex.

As mentioned earlier, Urwerk first used Bronze with UR-105 in 2016-at the time it was the simplest model in the series. Initially, the use of this metal represented the past and antiques in some way, and did not make much sense in the context of ultramodernism usually proposed by Urwerk. But brands like to do things differently. Bronze ware is not used here to bring the originality of vintage divers’ watches, but to make objects with a more organic appearance and a more original feel, and are enhanced by the unconventional texture of the case.

Now, in 2021, the brand has introduced the same design concept in its new classic model UR-100. Launched in 2019, this watch has a certain basic meaning, namely the “essential” Urwerk, which mainly focuses on its iconic display. Since its debut in the 1990s, the independent brand founded by Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner has stood out for its radical, futuristic design and its unique way of portraying time. Like the sun d, the idea of ​​wandering time is everywhere. This stage is set to show the time on the arc since the creation of UR101/102. Then there is the satellite time indicator, which contains many creative and complex iterative processes… satellites, cams, transport vehicles, rotating cubes, telescopic pointers and retrograde instructions. But with UR-100, its intention can be traced back to the foundation of the brand, and its display echoes the first watches of Frei and Baumgartner.

UR-100 has the iconic satellite time display and orbit hour satellite display. The minute hand with a red tip on the hour hand satellite will disappear after 60 minutes and then be replaced by the next hour. However, the red pen tip appears again on another part of the dial to show the original astronomical indication: the distance traveled on the earth (10 o’clock) and the distance traveled on the earth (2 o’clock). Shopping swiss watches

As we explained in the article on the first model: “Basically, it uses the earth speed on the equator or the sun’s orbital speed around the earth to show the distance traveled by these different angles in about 20 minutes. For example, At the equator, the circumference of the earth is 40,070 kilometers, and the time of day is 24 hours, so the speed is 1,670 kilometers per hour. This allows you to travel 555.55 kilometers in about 20 minutes at 10 o’clock. In a similar way, the two o’clock indicator shows the distance the earth has traveled around the sun, spanning approximately 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes. Naturally, these additional “space-time” indicators will not have any practical use in daily life ( At least for me), but it’s more like a dream invitation that matches URWERK’s space-time universe.”

This year, the brand brought back the T-Rex concept with this new Urwerk UR-100V model, which differs only in color and material. The 41mm wide x 49.7mm long case is made of bronze and PVD blackened titanium. The bronze has undergone three consecutive treatments. The first is the unusual composition of the alloy, which results in a delicate patina. Then, the bronze is placed on a computer-controlled milling station, which is engraved on the scale pattern on the top and side of the case. The final process, sandblasting and Urwerk’s proprietary biochemical polishing method give the watch its unique color. Finally, these beveled pyramids are cut off and polished to present a pleasing surface.

Shown here is a combination of dark colors (black background and bronze rotating elements) with a bright yellow indicator for maximum contrast. The watch is worn on a black alligator leather strap with a bronze pin buckle.

The movement is shown on the back of the watch, the self-winding movement 12.01. The drilled full rotor is adjusted by a planetary flat turbine to minimize the impact on the rotor bearing and reduce wear. The traditional URWERK function is that the bottom plate is made of ARCAP, which is iron-free and non-magnetic. The 12.01 movement has a beating speed of 28,800 vibrations per hour and its power reserve is 48 hours.

Technical Specifications-URWERK UR-100V T-REX

Case: width 41mm x length 49.7mm x height 14mm-engraved bronze case-black PVD coated titanium case back-sapphire crystal glass case and back-waterproof 30m

Display: The number of hours passed by the roaming satellite, the number of retrograde minutes, the rotation distance of the earth in 20 minutes, and the orbital distance of the earth in 20 minutes

Movement: UR 12.02 movement-automatic winding movement, controlled by Windfänger turbine and planetary gear device. Automatic winding system-40 jewels-28,800 vibrations per hour-48 hours power reserve

Strap: black alligator leather strap with bronze pin buckle