Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project

UR-210 is dead, UR-2.2 million years old!

A few months ago, URWERK announced the final version of its most iconic watch UR-210. UR-210 is a real time indicating flying saucer, it is a summary of everything Urwerk represents. However, there is no reason to feel sad because the brand has already identified its successor. And today, it was proposed. With a manual winding movement and control panel on the back, it uses URWERK’s early technology and has iconic satellite complications. The case is more stylish, more ergonomic, and as impressive as ever. Another surprise appeared on the back. Meet the new URWERK UR-220 Falcon project.

The new UR-220 is part of the UR-2xx series, which brings together the boldest, most complex, and most advanced iconic luxury watches in URWERK’s history-and knowing the brand’s styles, you know that classical does not belong to their vocabulary. The series started from UR-202, which introduced satellite complex functions and telescopic indicators, thus realizing the concept of roaming time. The design was (and still is) highly futuristic.

Followed by UR-203, it is an improved version of the previous model, with the same time indicator module, but also has other complications, such as the iconic oil change indicator and clock odometer (to track total usage Years) exercise). Remember these two, because they are important to today’s topic.

The model that most watch enthusiasts may know is the UR-210, which has been in the collection for many years and has launched several versions, such as the impressive Full Metal Jacket or the surprising CP version. What these watches have in common is the movement and its display module. The hour satellite rotates on the turntable, while the oversized counterclockwise “fixes” the hour module. Another feature of URWERK is shown on the back, the winding efficiency indicator, which is connected to a complex system on the back to adjust the turbine that releases or slows down the automatic winding speed.

New URWERK UR-220 Falcon project
As part of the UR-2xx series, the new model can be recognized immediately. Nevertheless, compared with UR-210, everything has changed. Although UR-220 has adopted some of the functions of its predecessor, the entire movement has been reimagined, redesigned and redesigned. The additional features are different, but they are fully in line with the history of the brand. Finally, the situation is new.

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The overall shape of the watch, the complex surface and the exquisite sapphire crystal are the same in appearance as the predecessor UR-210, while the new UR-220 uses a brand-new case, which has never been made of Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner). The case is made of carbon, so it is very strong but lightweight. It is composed of 81 ultra-thin layers of 150g high-resistance CTP carbon compressed into hard resin. Due to the precise arrangement of the layers, once the carbon block is processed, it will reveal patterns that highlight the curve of the top shell and the linear structure of the sides.

The proportions have been changed, the case is significantly thinner (14.8 mm for the previous model, and 17.8 mm for the previous model), and the ergonomic back cover fits the curvature of the wrist. The UR-220 is by no means a small watch (width 43.8 mm x length 53.6 mm), but it has a great improvement in comfort.

The crown is still inserted into the case at 12 o’clock, adding comfort to this large watch, and the strap’s special fixing system keeps the wrist balanced. The brand new strap is the bold and sculptural appearance of the company’s Urwerk UR-220 Falcon project and is the company’s first rubber strap. The strap is cured, molded and textured by the Vulcarboné process to give it a velvety touch. In order to produce this effect, years of research on nanotexture are required. Then fix the belt with black DLC buckle and Velcro buckle to ensure comfort and strength.

UR-220 combines the brand code and two iconic colors of dark gray/black and radioactive green.

However, the iconic patented satellite display has not changed. The hovering time is indicated on the three rotating cubes. Conversely, when they entered the 120° mark of 60 minutes, they picked up the minute hand. At the end of the hour, the minute hand will jump back to the beginning of the scale and be picked up before the next hour. To minimize the inertia of retrograde minutes, each side of the pointer is pierced to make it as light as possible.