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Show emergency Urwerk EMC TIMEHUNTER STORMTROOPER The new Urwerk EMC Timehunter white ceramic aka Stormtrooper is an easy-to-choose nickname, derived from Martin and Felix’s love of science fiction, especially “Star Wars.” Over the years, the universe established by George Lucas has greatly influenced the design of Urwerk timepieces. Since the commando raid on the scene in 1977, the commando’s iconic armor has become an instant icon. Concept designer Ralph McQuarrie (Ralph McQuarrie) designed for Lucas. The design of the commando is deterrent, and it looks super cool and super clean. Urwerk EMC Timehunter Stormtrooper has the same characteristics. The entire watch looks like a sci-fi movie. For these 5 limited editions, the white ceramic case distinguishes it from previous models (actually all Urwerk watches). Their trademark black appearance is gone forever because they embraced white for the first time.

Although they chose the nickname “Commando” due to the appearance of the white ceramic, EMC Timehunter is not part of the evil empire, just like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in “Star Wars”, they wear commandos The armor comes to rescue Princess Leia. Inside EMC Timehunter Stormtrooper is 100% pure rebels.

EMC TimeHunter “Stormtrooper” belongs to the UR-Chronometry series, which contains the Urwerk watchmaking concept dedicated to excellent precision. In fact, they offer unique possibilities for measuring and adjusting the speed of movement.

EMC TimeHunter is essentially a dual measuring instrument. Just like a compass, sextant, and machine tool, its appearance and even surface mark its essence. The EMC “Stormtrooper” is made of steel and the case is made of titanium. Its aesthetics are not round, square, or cushion-like, nor any of Urwerk’s iconic and undefinable shapes. This high-tech “machine” embraces the inner contours of the “motor” and obeys the constraints of its various organs. It is not symmetrical, regular, flat or curved, but it still remains beautiful and unique. EMC’s design follows its function and goes beyond existing rules to create a unique personality.

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In addition, its stainless steel “engine cover” is micro-sandblasted and then treated with a hard matte ceramic varnish. Fake watches.Therefore, the surface of EMC TimeHunter “Stormtrooper” has a grainy appearance, reminiscent of military equipment. The same functionalism occupies the highest position of the dial on the matte black surface. Each indicator area has its own clearly marked space. Each unit is coated with fluorescent green superluminova. In addition to the main dial with a grid grenade pattern that displays hours and minutes, EMC TimeHunter also has a small-dial seconds hand at 1 o’clock, scaled in 5 second increments and located at 1 o’clock. And there is a power reserve indicator at 7 o’clock, which provides information about the wind direction of the hand-wound movement, and can achieve up to 80 hours of autonomy.

The indications related to the precise timing monitoring function are concentrated at the 11 o’clock position and indicated by the “EM Control” mark on the screw-in bezel. The range of rate accuracy is from -15 to +15, with seconds as the unit of measurement for daily rate deviation. The amplitude range is 180 to 330 (in degrees).

The electronic/mechanical system is the core of the EMC concept, which makes each of these timepieces identical and has two worlds. It is a fully mechanical watch, optimized with electro-optical circuits. On the one hand, its manual winding action comes from Urwerk’s mind and hands. The UR-EMC2 movement is specially designed for EMC series products and is completely crafted, finished, assembled and adjusted by swiss Urwerk.

On the other hand, it contains an electronic module whose function is to measure the speed of mechanical parts. It has its own power, separate from the rest of the movement. The large retractable lever is located on the side of the casing, which raises the generator to supply power to the control microcircuit. With its laser diode, it can collect two basic data related to the movement. Point to the balance, read its amplitude (an indicator of exercise status) and rate deviation (an indicator of accuracy), and compare it with the internal clock. The latter takes the form of a processor running at a frequency of 16 MHz and is used as a reference oscillator, or benchmark.

On the one hand, the “engine”; on the other hand, the control unit. However, these two entities are not isolated from each other, on the contrary. They are integrated, nested, and Urwerk has created a way to access both, which makes EMC TimeHunter the only watch in the world that can truly adjust the wearer. The timing adjustment screw can manually fine-tune the oscillation speed of the balance, thereby correcting the rate change that inevitably occurs over time, and is closely dependent on the wearer’s use of the watch. The corrector is located on the back of the watch and is engraved with the words “Fine Tuning”. It manages the movement’s behavior by modifying and adjusting the length of the balance spring. Limited edition of Urwerk EMC Timehunter Stormtrooper.

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