The best watches of Grand Seiko

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A scholarship on old and modern references was drawn from cheap Grand Seiko. Not surprisingly, Daniel is also an excellent source of information on the most noteworthy watches released in recent years. These references are likely to become future classics and the true meaning of Seiko’s accumulation over the past 60 years.

I like that this brand embodies everything about Japanese culture. In the design, the relationship with precision, craftsmanship, integration into nature and continuous development is 100% clear. Since these aspects were formulated decades ago, the brand dared to occupy the watchmaking giants in the 1960s. Like, seriously, can you imagine you standing up one day and telling your company that they are about to start taking on the best mission in the business and defeating their pain? You are either clumsy, stupid, or truly believe in your product. I dare say that Grand Seiko is a combination of confidence, hard work and strong belief. I firmly believe that Grand Seiko will leave a deep impression once it is listed. This belief greatly inspired me, not only to remind myself, but also to all of us that it is a good thing to get out of our comfort zone from time to time.

In addition, Japan and its people have a history of living with nature. In this sense, as an Asian country, it is inextricably linked with other Asian influences. Especially myself. The Chinese (I am also Cambodian) and the Japanese have similar respect for nature and for nature and our lives. This can be seen in their design language. Take the recent edition of Grand Seiko Seasons as an example. They draw inspiration from the ever-changing environment to inspire the patterns and colors of the dial. Then, you have a way for your brand to compete between light and shadow. They can use naturally occurring things to enhance the beauty of the Discount fake watch, which is great. It’s really cool to think that you can take something cold like a machine and use the environment to tell a story.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Grand Seiko brand. What do you think of Seiko’s contribution to watches during that period?

Grand Seiko offers something different to the industry. Collectors get excited while giving some caution to the game. When using the word caution, we often use it in a way that relates to danger. But in fact, this is a good thing. When we are cautious about something, we tend to plan or prepare for it. Grand Seiko forced other manufacturers to increase competition or be taken over by “other” companies. When the brand knows that the competition is equally good, it will make the brand do better.

In addition, just look at the achievements of Seiko in the past few decades! There are various case designs, dials and movements on their resumes, including quartz, Spring Drive and mechanical 9S series. Note that this is done entirely in-house!

In the innovations that Grand Seiko fake has been responsible for in the past 60 years, which one is most interesting to you?

As far as the movement is concerned, my favorite is the manual winding movement, just like all other watch nerds. I currently own two of Grand Seiko. The 9S64 is installed in my SBGW031, and the newer 9S63 is installed in the SBGK007, which has a peculiar small second hand. However, the one that excites me and keeps participating is the Spring Drive and 9F quartz movement. The movement of the Spring Drive second hand on the dial is like watching Roger Federer’s belt win a backhand and then flick his lock. Very good, buddy.

And 9F quartz? I just like how it differs from what traditional fans think is true clock technology. Who doesn’t like a bad boy who doesn’t follow the rules? The fact that the movements of the Grand Seiko quartz movement are highly decorated shows that they are proud of their technology. And don’t forget the accuracy of these things-up to +/- 5 seconds per year! There is also the fact that quartz production lines are usually cheaper than mechanical production lines or spring-driven production lines, which is an advantage. I also like the idea that ordinary people can get a part of the brand and join the “Seiko family”.

But, honestly, I am not a true technical expert. Don’t get me wrong, I like to learn how the movement works, but the aesthetics of the design is more important to me. I hope the buy watch replica looks good on my wrist! Having said that, design grammar is the innovation I am most interested in. This is what makes Seiko instantly identify and distinguish it from its European counterparts. The idea of ​​having a multi-faceted surface on the shell that interacts with light and shadow is great. I am very happy to see where the brand will apply this design language in the future.

Man, it’s like asking me to choose my favorite food! I like most of these releases very much, but the two that stand out to me now are SBGW258 and SLGH002. Do you see the pattern? In the words of Goldmember in the Austin Powers movie, “I love gold!”

But let me explain why I love these two. SBGW258 is another innovative product of the first generation Grand Seiko. Although it is not the first gold piece (such as SBGW004 and SBGW252), it ultimately provides fans with the back cover of the exhibition. For aesthetic reasons and history, the first Seiko is my favorite vintage Seiko. The SBGW258 is faithful, but with a modern case size, it looks good on both slender and large wrists. The warm golden yellow color provides a certain sense of hierarchy and produces a feeling of nostalgia in the arms.

On the other hand, SLGH002? Now, this is a brand new design for the brand. First of all, it is also gold. Then, it’s almost like Seiko’s designers have adopted the “design syntax” rule and injected Bane-like steroids into it (I hope your readers are fans of Batman). If you look closely, the craftsmanship shown here is incredible.

The case cleverly combines brushed and polished surfaces to provide a background for the dial, which I think is where the main event begins. From the index to the new hour and minute hands, there is a complex design language that uses different aspects to function. This obviously enhances aesthetics and readability. I want to tell you that SLGH002 can be adapted to a bright or dark room, and will still be blind when the wearer and people around are shining.

What is your opinion on the 2020 Grand Seiko series, including the limited edition? Are there any special works or topics that are particularly interesting to you?

There is a lot to say about the entire series, but if I can summarize it in one word, that word will be “enhanced”. Since launching the first Grand Seiko quartz watch in 1988, they have been using designs that we love and are familiar with. In 2017, when they operated separately from Seiko, the brand proved that these existing designs are also popular with new collectors. Today, Grand Seiko has become a brand that every serious watch collector knows and wants.

Grand Seiko (Grand Seiko) has always been a constantly innovating and evolving brand, reaching its limits in technology and design. For example, the SBGK series and the aforementioned SLGH002. But the brand is not only experimenting with new case and dial designs, but also starting to use the gems shown in SBGD205! Grand Seiko has always wanted to operate as a high-end manufacturer. To be honest, they are just getting started. So if I can go back to the reason why I chose the term “overhead”, I think it’s because the brand now tells us that they are ready to provide unprecedented designs for fans, both new and old.

In the past few years, Grand Seiko feels that it has developed into the world stage of watches. Why do you think this is? Is this just a more dynamic market development brought by the brand, or is the watch fake perfect world suddenly ready to accept them?

There are many key factors. With the help of online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, the brand has gradually become favored by collectors and enthusiasts. Then, of course, you will get popular and highly influential online editorials, such as your website and other brands, which have been promoting the brand. However, you need to give the brand itself an honor. After only being listed in Japan for many years, in 2017, Grand Seiko proposed a new direction and strategy. I mean, the development of the brand in the United States is really amazing.