Seiko Sports Spring Drive Chronograph

Seiko Sports Series

Spring Drive Chronograph GMT 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Lion logo was born together with the first Seiko in 1960. It reflects the Seiko team’s ambition to make watches that are as accurate, durable and beautiful as possible, and demonstrate their determination. They define the goal as the “king of the watch”. Therefore, the mark of the lion symbolizes the inner strength of fake Seiko, and inspires its watchmakers to create the best timepieces they can.

The design of this new watch is inspired by the traditional Japanese armor worn by samurai warlords in the Warring States Period, which was during the civil war and social unrest in the late 15th and early 17th centuries. This timepiece shows the unwavering spirit of the samurai and Grand Seiko’s continuous pursuit of watchmaking at its 60th anniversary celebration.

The unique blue color of the indigo dye is called “the color of victory”, favored by the samurai, and used by their samurai, representing their bravery.

The dial adopts this “Katsu-iro” (Katsu-iro) color, and together with the case, it is reminiscent of a powerful lion. This fake watches for sale expresses the noble spirit of a samurai.

The grooves of the Katsu-iro colored crocodile leather strap are coated with rose gold to reflect the strength and dignity of the armor that has long been used in combat.

The watch case, which embodies the power and dignity of the lion, is tilted inward to ensure a soft fit on the wrist. It reproduces the strength of the lion’s forelegs to hold the prey without releasing it, providing overwhelming abrasion resistance.

The case looks like a lion’s nails, the surface is flat and will not be deformed by Zaratsu polishing and hairline polishing. This case design gives the impression of bravery like a lion.

There is a pattern representing the mane of a lion on the dial, which is the proof of the king of beasts. The second hand with a sliding motion unique to the spring drive slides gracefully on the lion’s mane.

This new timepiece is equipped with a lion symbol in the form of an 18k gold insert on the pendulum, indicating that the accuracy of the specially adjusted movement (+/- 0.5 seconds per day) has been improved.

As proof of the limited edition, the “Limited Edition” and serial number are printed on the case, and the rose gold crystal sapphire glass bears “60th Anniversary 1960-2020”.