Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch hands-on

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE CLASSIC ROSE GOLD DIAMONDS B113/01045 - 113.161.85/0002 0000 watch

Like many modern watchmakers, Corum has had an interesting time in the past few years. Through the ups and downs, around 2016, the brand will rediscover itself and recall some of the personalities that make modern brands interesting. In terms of how people wear modern timepieces, the ancient Corum (e.g. 10-15 years ago) is a true innovator in style and fashion.

For example, Bubble (also back this year) is a real testament to how high-end watches are really interesting. Golden Bridge is easily one of Corum’s most unique movement and watch concepts, but despite its interesting visual performance, it has had a difficult time attracting Western men.

For 2016, Corum may find a new bright spot in the Golden Bridge series of the new Corum Golden Bridge Round. This is the first time Corum has designed a round case for its linear movement, and the result is very interesting.

The Golden Bridge movement (here caliber CO 113) is an interesting mechanism designed to stack all parts into a cylindrical shape (which Corum calls the “in-line baguette” movement). The bridge that connects all the movement parts together is 18k rose gold, in this case, decorated with some exquisite hand-carved traditional appearance. Although the movement is very compact, it still runs at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 40 hours-not bad at all. The CO 113 movement only expresses time in hours and minutes.

For the Golden Bridge round, Corum placed the movement vertically in a round case, leaving some space on the side of the movement for decoration or other purposes. Corum hopes to get some buildings here, so the bridge on the side of the movement (literally) uses a skeletonized case, which is based on the design of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

So yes, the Golden Bridge watch got inspiration from another Golden Bridge… I think it’s very interesting. In fact, the Golden Gate Bridge is red, but when the light is properly illuminated, the bridge seems to glow golden. I want to point out that after living near the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun does not shine on it very often (through clouds and fog).

The last time Corum ventured to produce a more masculine Golden Bridge was the Ti-Bridge series (hands-on here). Corum Ti-Bridge placed the movement on its side in a horizontal position and turned the timepiece into a modern sports style watch. The price is expensive and there is no clear expected demographics. I believe that Ti-Bridge will become a favorite of collectors in the future, but during the release period, it is difficult to find buyers because of the concept and competition at this price point.

In the Corum Golden Bridge round, I thought Corum was a bit like a towel. He admitted, “Yes, a round case may be needed” to make Golden Bridge be used as a men’s watch. I understand that in some parts of the world, tonneau-shaped Golden Bridge watches are sold to men, but in many ways, so far, the series is a more feminine design of Western standards. Having said that, the Corum Golden Bridge Round can capture the exquisite and refined essence of the Golden Bridge concept, but it is full of a strong sense of art. I think it is ultimately masculine and has greater universal appeal.

The Corum Golden Bridge Round watch is made of 18k rose gold (and an 18k white gold model with diamonds), 43 mm wide and only 8.8 mm thick, sandwiched by two AR-coated sapphire crystals. In addition, the side of the case is inlaid with curved sapphire crystals, so that the other side of the “movement” is unobstructed, decorating the inside of the case on both sides of the movement. The bottom of the case is the crown of the movement, which is a good symmetrical position. There is no crown on the side of the Corum Golden Bridge Round case.

The hands and flange rings of the watch are made of golden yellow brass, which contrasts slightly with the dial. There is a full hour scale on the flange ring, but according to my standards, this watch is not very clear-although it is not bad for a modified watch. The smooth reddish brown alligator leather strap is connected to the Corum golden bridge round case, which can be used with the two golds on the case and dial. If your shoes are of the right color, then this strap may become a killer pretty.

Undoubtedly, this buy replicas watch has a width of 43 mm, which is a bold watch, but due to its thinness and refined functions, the result is more artistic than the lively crown. Is this the new golden age of Jinqiao? I don’t know about it, but for those who like sports concepts but haven’t designed the wrist properly until now, Corum undoubtedly puts forward a convincing new argument.

Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC watch

At first glance, Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC may have a hard time getting your thoughts around. This is the evolution of the “linear” movement of the Corum Golden Bridge, which first appeared in a more traditional round case, and we see the hands-on operation here. Both sides of the movement have “pillars” similar to suspension bridges. This new version uses a rich black DLC coating on the titanium case. Intending to cite the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge, you can easily see the correlation in the design.

This time Corum launched two versions, one is white gold (B113 / 03832) and the other is rose gold (B113 / 03831). You can see this difference in the movement itself, which is bridges and screws made in various metals, as well as hands and flips. Linear movements (or what Corum calls “rectangular” movements) are what makes these watches unique. The manually-wound Corum CO 113 movement runs at a frequency of 4 Hz and has a power reserve of 40 hours, arranged in a straight line from noon to 6 o’clock. The 43mm wide case (water resistant to 30m) is sandwiched between two sapphire crystals, providing you with a broad view of the movement as a whole.

These new changes in the Corum round case seem to be on par with the development of the brand’s design philosophy. The movement itself and its unconventional structure are emphasized and displayed here. The contrast between the polished DLC on the case and the pillars of the watch caused the precious metal on the movement itself to suddenly pop out, thus highlighting the “bridge” that constitutes the entire movement’s aesthetics.

The structure of the watch we wear may not be sufficient. We may discuss the different elements of the watch between the case, the dial, etc., but the Corum Golden Bridge emphasizes the structure of the case both physically and conceptually-the linear movement and gears hanging on both ends of the case are attached to the case. It ticked. Two sets of DLC-coated support rods really make this the focus. I find these visual elements very compelling.

The Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC watch will be available on a rubber strap. The surface of the tire has a tread-like texture and outlines the brand name engraved on the center stripe. This seems to be an interesting choice, perhaps compared to DLC, the sporty appearance of the precious metal shell is more suitable. On the one hand, I think a nice dark leather strap might fit better, but I can see what Corum is trying to say by using rubber.

Corum also pointed out that these two best replica watches uk will soon launch two other models “available in the same gold color”. It is not clear whether DLC elements will be brought to those new models. After all, I think the success of these watches will depend on Corum’s fan base and collectors who focus on fine watchmaking and movement innovation.