Avant-garde watchmaking – CORUM Golden Bridge

Cheap Copy Swiss Corum Ti-Bridge Bridge 3 Days Titanium watch REF: 107.101.04/F371 0000 Review

The story of CORUMs Golden Bridge is simply an exception! Vincent Calabrese, a young watchmaker from the idyllic town of La Cox-de-Fons, knocked on the door of CORUMs one day to introduce his latest invention: a strange rectangular bread movement. He may not know that this will be the development direction of the CORUM flagship complex model from then on, and will still be the benchmark until today!

That was in the late 1970s-CORUM founder René Bannwart was so excited that he immediately granted a patent for this unique movement. By the way, Vincent Calabrese (Vincent Calabrese) is still working at CORUM and supports the team to develop the latest Golden Bridge works.

Because of its unique movement in the center of the transparent sapphire crystal case, CORUM Golden Bridge is regarded as a pioneer watch. The name of this watch is specially designed for the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you can clearly understand the reason.

Since the first launch of the Golden Bridge watch in 1980, its series has been developing steadily. Here are some important milestones: In 2009, CORUM launched a new exclusive movement (CO 007) designed, developed and assembled by itself! In 2011, the CORUM Bridges series expanded the first linear automatic movement: Golden Bridge Automatic. In the open situation, you will see a small “sleigh” moving up and down!

Cheap Copy Swiss Corum Golden Bridge Automatic Titanium watch REF: B313/02444 - 313.165.95/0001 GL10R Review

In 2016, CORUM launched the first round bridge Golden Bridge-designed by Dino Modolo-you can see it in the center of the picture! The inside of the box shows the outline cut of the Golden Gate Bridge building. In addition, we will also personally try the novel “Golden Bridge Rectangle” launched at the Basel International cheap Watch and Jewelry Show at the end of March this year! The wonderful composition of all the golden bridge elements in the slightly smaller case is also suitable for smaller wrists.

You can see the beautiful standard gold bridge of 18k gold manually wound to show three different styles in the history of the gold bridge. Choosing favorites is really not easy.