The 10th Anniversary of the Corum Golden Bridge Automatic Watch

Equipped with a panoramic sapphire case.

Although known for its unorthodox designs such as coins, bubbles and admiral cups, the resistance of replica Corum watches is the golden bridge. Designed by independent watchmaker and ACHI co-founder Vincent Calabrese in 1980, this exquisite, slender movement is still a feat in watchmaking today.

In 2011, Corum launched the automatic Golden Bridge movement, which is wound by an innovative weight that slides on a guide rail. To celebrate the ten years since this milestone, Corum has created the 10th anniversary of the Golden Bridge self-winding watch, placing the movement in a larger case with a wrap-around sapphire crystal glass.

I am not the biggest fan of Corum’s famous designs, which are usually oversized and show off. The Golden Bridge is an exception. The Golden Bridge is to Corum what the Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon is to Girard Perregaux-a movement defined by its structure and aesthetics.

I have always liked Jinqiao-the rectangular shape is not only unique, but also a mechanical miracle. The automatic golden bridge further highlights its vertical winding quality instead of a traditional rotor.

Smoked Sapphire
Like the original version, the 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watch also has a barrel-shaped case. However, it now uses a one-piece sapphire crystal to surround the front and sides, allowing you to appreciate the movement from all angles.

The new Golden Bridge is more modern than its predecessor, with a simple case made of titanium or gold. The titanium version is completely coated with black diamond-like carbon (DLC), while the inner frame of the gold version is coated with DLC.

As the name suggests, the splint and main splint of this movement are made of 18k pure gold-depending on the case, it can be white or rose. The bridge is hand-carved with obvious vertical grooves, reminiscent of decorative arts.

Although the movement is undoubtedly a bright spot, the structure of the dial is unusual. The pointer is manually applied along the guide rail that constitutes the movement, which replica Corum calls the “floating strap system”. Because the watch does not have a dial, the time scale is only suspended by a rail, which looks like it is “floating”.

Cal is under the smoked sapphire case back. C0303, its defined sliding weight is visible from both sides of the case.

The rectangular movement is composed of 194 parts, equipped with a variable inertia balance wheel to ensure a more stable timekeeping, and a sliding spring for the automatic mechanism to prevent excessive winding. Despite its small size, the movement still has a 40-hour power reserve.

Corum Watch 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic
Watch Ref. B313/04278 – 313.200.95/0F01 HS10 (titanium)
Ref. B313/04279 – 313.200.86/0F01 HS15 (titanium and rose gold)
Ref. B313/04280 – 313.200.77/0F01 HS15 (titanium with diamonds)
Ref. B313/04281 – 313.200.87/0F01 HS10 (titanium and rose gold with diamonds)

Diameter: 37.2 mm x 51.8 mm
Height: 13.7 mm
Material: DLC titanium; DLC titanium and rose gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Waterproof depth: 30m

Movement: Carl. CO 313
Function: hour and minute
Chain: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 40 hours

Strap: Leather folding clasp