BREMONT replica -founder NICK ENGLISH tested the bronze characters

This is brand new to me. I have never tried to own and wear a bronze watch. The “Bronze Age” of my watch ownership has finally arrived, because I was able to test the latest watch Broadsword Bronze to be added to our Bremont collection.

This watch has aroused great interest, mainly based on Broadsword as part of the Armed Forces collection, and has proven to be very popular so far. Bronze has military ancestry. I was fascinated by it. Over time, this material will wear out and deform on the wrist. Bronze is a “living” material, while CuSn8 bronze is a very pure and strong alloy with a tin content of 8%. The dominant copper content causes the wonderful patina to grow over time after oxidation, forming a layer of brown copper oxide that protects it from elements-it does have such a lively skin. As we all know, CuSn8 has a dark brown patina, while aluminum bronze usually becomes a lighter, more reddish brown.

I picked the prototype Broadswords from our Henley seminar for testing. The case has recently been coated with an anti-fingerprint coating (AFC). This coating allows the watch to stay in the retail environment for a while before hitting the element. I soon began to see the changes in the completion of the case. Starting from the bronze rose gold, which was almost rose-like, the watch began to take on a browner hue, which was of course duller and less lustrous. This change fascinates me. The next day, I went to the Mediterranean on a family vacation and was very excited about the possibility of immersing the new watch in the salt water. The stainless steel case can stay the same indefinitely, but with the bronze, I can’t wait to know what will happen.

first day
I arrived at the resort, and before submerged in the water, the watch had begun to change from almost rose gold to brown. You can also see where the AF coating begins to fall off at the tiny spots.

the next day
The watch began to smell of salty water.

Third day
The watch continued to turn black, into a deep brown tan, and I was still fascinated by what happened. The watch used to be in the sea, but was also exposed to large amounts of fresh water during the day. My naturally obsessed son decided to dig out dozens of scorpions in the garden, which led him to take some still life photos for me. The dark brown can be clearly seen.

Eighth day
The watch continued to dim, and the last part of the AF coating seemed to come off. I put it in a place with little water and found that when the copper content starts to oxidize slightly, the color of the case even emits green. The watch started to look really good, almost like the timepiece I recovered from a World War II battleship. Looking at it makes me smile.

tenth day
Continue to be exposed to salt water, the fake watch looks great, even the crown has formed a wonderful patina.

The twelfth day
I started to use my watch more in fresh water, and some interesting things started to happen. The watch began to lose its green luster and returned to the color of the third to fifth day. I don’t know whether to be sad or happy? It still looks great, it’s just different.

Day 20
It’s been a while since I got home. I continued to wear my watch, but I was not exposed to the sea and elements as you expected. Interestingly, the patina that used to be on the watch almost began to disappear. I didn’t realize it was possible, but the real bronze from “below” began to shine with all its brilliance. It feels as if I have worn five or six different watches in about two or three weeks. I like it. I now need to return to the Mediterranean as soon as possible and start aging again! Some hope.

Bremont reviews, watches and information-all you need to know

Bremont is a high-end luxury watch brand that started in 2002-although its history can be traced back to 1995! The enthusiasm of the two brothers created a unique pilot watch, and they wanted to design beautiful mechanical equipment. Nick & Giles (Nick & Giles) British people like everything related to flying, so they began to make complex timepieces, these timepieces are in line with astronomical watch standards.

Bremont watches pay attention to accuracy, showing that Bremont watches are durable, reliable, and are only handmade to avoid over-saturation. Each watch is made in Henley-on-Thames, South Oxfordshire, and is designed for those who truly appreciate the creativity behind mechanical watches.

The Bremont watch has won many awards and, as mentioned, is handmade. There are only 8,000-10,000 manufacturers each year and they belong to the high-end category. Their designs are exquisite, unique and timeless, which is why they are so popular! Each watch undergoes rigorous testing, including field testing, and its price is commensurate with its excellent quality and high performance.

A new facility will open in 2020, and those who wish to visit the facility can even win tickets in the competition to welcome the founders of all projects. Bremont watches and the entire history of Bremont are for you to enjoy.

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