Kingsman: Secret Service

Bremont was chosen to produce three unique custom watch series for this movie. Each Kingsman agent in the film wears a beautiful Kingsman special edition rose gold on the crocodile leather strap, while the trainees wear the black invisible Kingsman special edition DLC chronograph.

In addition, the Kingsman Special Edition stainless steel watch was worn by Merlin (Mark Strong), a trainer of potential super spies in Kingsman’s top secret organization. The watch is an indispensable tool in the secret agent gadget lineup. Nick English, the co-founder of Bremont, even made a guest appearance as one of Kingsman.

Treasure Watch: Bloody Smart Watch

Bremont Watch Company has been selected to produce some unique custom watches for the new film “Kingsman: Secret Service” by the famous director Matthew Vaughan. The film is scheduled to be released in February 2015 and will be starring 20th Century Fox, actors Colin Fez, Samuel Jackson, Michael Kane and emerging actor Taren Eggton.

Throughout the film, Bremen has always been a feature of the film, making mechanical watches for the Kingsman agent itself and new students of the institution. Nick English (co-founder Bremen) also played as a member of Kingsman Guest role. Each Kingsman agent in the film wears a beautiful rose gold chronograph on the crocodile leather strap, while the trainees wear black invisible chronographs on the NATO band. The watch is an indispensable tool in the secret agent gadget lineup.

Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show-Polaroid Part 2

Last time, we introduced some new versions of cheap Bremont. This time, we will continue with the rest of the show, and maybe also give a short introduction to some movie combinations to solve the problem.

U-2 was originally inspired by the elite u-2 spy program squadron. The introduction of U-22 adds a new function. The newly developed bezel design, as well as the new barrel color and date aperture design.

Its date display reflects the scenery seen on the altimeter, thus returning to the roots of aviation. Another significant difference is the change indicated on the rotating internal baffle. Originally in U-2, it was designed for 60 minutes, but for this newer model, it has been updated to show the compass quadrant.


Other design clues such as the hand and the new bronze barrel are from military uses. Unlike the U-2, the back cover of this new U-22 displays a cute automatic movement. As with all Bremont watches, the rotor should also pay special attention.

This time another continuous cooperation with Jaguar. At the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Show in March 2015, two new models debuted globally. Mk1 and Mk2 (above) draw on the design clues of the original E-type instrument panel in 1961. It is very similar to the Jaguar’Lightweight’ limited edition watch released last year. Both watches are very beautiful, but the most beautiful side is just the opposite.

On the bottom cover is a display window that can truly show the work and decoration of these two new Jaguar models. The rotor is of course the main topic. The design hints of the original E-shaped steering wheel are copied in the form of a rotor. It is glorious. I hope that more best luxury replica watches manufacturers can have such boldness and courage in the design of turntables.

It is one thing to pay tribute to a classic and amazing car. It is completely different to reinterpret the design language and look perfect in appearance.

Finally, after watching the roar of Kingsman and the ultra-violent movie, I was able to experience the Bremont Kingsman special edition watch for myself. I love Baselworld!

Here are some pictures to show you what is provided. These three versions are all lovely in themselves, but like all journalists, or at least watchmen, I have my favorites. At first glance, I would say that the black DLC version has a concealed appearance.

To some people, the rose gold version is only a complete member of the Kingsman costume.

For me, it must be stainless steel, a compact, simple stainless steel version. For movie matching, these watches are exquisite and have excellent watch design as a backing. Not only as we have seen before, there are patterns on the entire dial.

Kingsman and the watch behind it

“Secret Service”

In the first film “Kingsman: Secret Service”, all Kingsman agents wore a special edition rose gold watch specially made for the film by the British company Bremont. These watches have crocodile leather straps, trainees wear Kingsman special edition DLC watches, and Kingsman trainer Merlin (played by Mark Strong) wears Kingsman special edition stainless steel models worn by agents. In fact, the company’s founder Nick English made a short appearance in the movie!

“Golden Circle”
The second part of the series is that director Matthew Vaughn turned to Swiss watch company TAG Heuer, especially the Connected series of smart watches in the movie, because Vaughan wanted a smart watch that was also elegant enough to meet Kingsman’s agent’s aesthetic. However, Vaughan believes that no mainstream brand can meet this requirement. While watching TV, he stumbled upon TAG Heuer’s Connected watches and thought they were perfect for watching movies. TAG Heuer is happy to work with Vaughn, because showing their fake watches for sale in movies can potentially support their business plan to attract the younger generation. All Kingsman agents in this movie have a Connected watch with a classic leather strap, while Eggsy wears an orange velvet strap to match the jacket he wore in the movie. However, agents of the corresponding American spy organization politician wore Tag Heuer’s Calibre 11 watch in Monaco.