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Brand Exclusive: Limited Edition before January 1918-Celebrating 100 Years of British Military Aviation As the Royal Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary, British military aviation reached an important milestone in 2018. This long-established institution is world-renowned and has a long tradition, providing aerial protection for the United Kingdom and its interests. Bremont cheap Watch Company was founded in love of the aviation industry, so it is not surprising that the brand will commemorate this important anniversary with the “Bremont 1918” limited edition watch.

As with previous limited-edition watches, a certain percentage of the proceeds will be used for charity. Bremont chose the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA), which has provided support for current and former Royal Air Force personnel for nearly 90 years. Bremont 1918 inherits the established tradition of the company’s collectible limited edition series, which includes the legacy of the Royal Air Force.

The rotor of this watch will contain material from four unprecedented historical aircraft that fought against the Royal Air Force in two world wars. Giles English said: “Bremont (Bremont) is known for its special limited edition that combines history, this watch has become something we are particularly proud of.” With the 1918 Bremont (Bremont), Bremont is pleased to pay tribute to the oldest independent air force RAF in the world.

To commemorate the establishment of the Royal Air Force, Bremont 1918 was inspired by the long history of the Royal Air Force, as described by the company ’s co-founder Giles English: “We tried to blend tradition with this classic male luxury watch The RAF issued some subtle design features in the clock. This is also our first use of the am / pm indicator, which has been carefully designed to depict the iconic Supermarine Spitfire scuffle during the Battle of Britain during the day and then legendary The Avro Lancaster bomber is illuminated by searchlights when the night mission is lit. It incorporates a telemeter, which allows users to use the speed of sound to roughly measure the distance of events that can be seen and heard (for example, the impact of lightning or torpedoes), which is Bremen Another precedent. “43mm case, equipped with white gold, rose gold and stainless steel, can accommodate the beautifully finished BE16AE chronograph.

This remarkable timepiece combines Bristol Blenheim (Bristol Blenheim) that flew in the summer of 1940, a super sea fire and a hawker hurricane. Each of these British Warfare aircraft has propeller blades formed in the rotor, supplemented by the Shuttleworth Collection 1917 SE5a wood veneer, which can be found in the center.

This exquisite movement designed to commemorate Bremont, including four aircraft still in flight today, can be seen in Bremen’s 1918 open sapphire crystal case. Limited production of 275 pieces of stainless steel case and white dial Bremen 1918, 75 white gold with two-tone blue dial, and finally the black dial set off 75 rose gold. Each version has a crocodile leather strap.

Nick English, co-founder of Bremont, explained: “As a family and a company, we have a very close connection with the Royal Air Force throughout our lives. My father, brother and I have learned to fly with them. , And the vast amount of work we have done to make custom watches for different military squadrons around the world has only consolidated this beautiful bond. The 100 years of the military aviation industry is an incredible milestone, and of course we ca n’t miss it. Working with RAFA to Giles Significant to me. We are very pleased that Bremont 1918 can help support a charity that has done a lot of work in providing welfare and support to the Royal Air Force’s active military personnel and those who previously served in the Royal Air Force. “

RAFA President Marshal Buzz North Air Force Marshal; “The Royal Air Force Association is pleased and honoured to work with fake Bremont in this important milestone year for the Royal Air Force. Bremont ’s generous support will enable us to serve the incumbent and senior Royal Air Force Staff and their families provide much-needed welfare assistance. “