Behind the design of BREMONT Jaguar D-TYPE

To celebrate the release of the new BREMONT JAGUAR D-TYPE, we carefully studied the design behind the chronograph and the car that inspired it.

Jaguar Classic recently resumed production of the iconic 1950s Type D racing car in Coventry, 64 years after the first batch of examples were manufactured. In 1955, Jaguar planned to produce 100 D models, but only 75 were completed; Jaguar Classic now achieves the company’s original ambitions by creating 25 brand new sports cars that meet the requirements of the times.

Following the 6 missing light E models completed in 2014-15 and 9 XKSS manufactured in 2017-18, the D model that won three Le Mans awards is the third Continuation model launched by the Jaguar Classic Depot.

To celebrate the British racing icon, and as an extension of Bremont’s previous collaboration with Jaguar (the first time dates back to 2014), the British watch manufacturer designed a mechanical chronograph to bring the wearer back to the car The golden age of sports.

Bremont co-founder Nick English said: “The Jaguar D-type is a truly iconic racing car that is as good today as it was when it was first produced. Thanks to its powerful engineering design, it has the most difficult racing game in the world. Excellent record, this is our supporter at Bremont. It is really special to continue its tradition by completing the original planned production, and we are very happy to be able to launch a new limited edition to celebrate.”

Since D-type is classified as a 300 bhp car, the new timepiece will be limited to 300 pieces. This blue dial dual composite chronograph (inspired by the Pantone color number of the Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar racing team) features a brushed nickel sub-dial and tachymeter dial ring, and its chronometer-grade movement is mounted on a 43 mm satin-finish three Piece set in the Trip-Tick case. The large exhibition sapphire caseback showcases the exquisite mechanical BE-50AE movement and the very complex Jaguar steering wheel-inspired rotor. The original Dunlop tire tread is etched on the crown, and the traditional Jaguar logo is beautifully finished with enamel on its end.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director and British design icon, commented: “The Bremont D-Type Chronograph was inspired by one of the most eye-catching and beautiful sports cars in history-a sports car that truly embodies the Jaguar racing tradition. Today and As exciting as the 1950s, its story continues to be told, this iconic car is worthy of a timepiece to match it. The limited edition perfectly embodies the mechanical beauty of the D-Type and subtly contributes to the car’s performance. Tribute-the true driver’s companion”.

The D-type, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times between 1955 and 1957, was powered by a six-cylinder XK engine. The painstaking research of Jaguar Classic experts and exclusive access to original Jaguar engineering drawings and records ensure that each new D-type can be manufactured in accordance with the real specifications established by the competition manager Lofty England and its engineers in the 1950s. Type D customers can choose the 1955 specification Shortnose or the 1956 specification Longnose body. Although sharing many of the mechanical components of its C-type predecessor, the D-type has an innovative monocoque structure and the most advanced aerodynamics designed by aeronautical engineers, including its vertical tail or stabilizer. best replica watches uk