The only way to make the watch so unique is it!

The Freak X watch of Ulysse Nardin Watch’s Imagination series has always been a representative of maverick. The design without hands and dial has overturned the existing watchmaking norms. This year, Ulysse Nardin was decorated with new geometric patterns on the basis of the Freak X watch from the fantasy series, interpreting the charm of the Freak X watch with a unique design. (Watch model: 2303-270LE-9A-RAZZLE/0A).

Fantasy series

Ulysse Nardin launched its first whimsical watch in 2001, with a special design that we talk about today-“no crown, no hands, no dial”, these three design elements that play an important role in the watch, all Abandoned by Ulysse Nardin Watch, this avant-garde watchmaking concept also made Freak Fantastic Watches famous. In addition, Ulysse Nardin also used the escape wheel made of silicon in its first whimsical watch. Ulysse Nardin’s exploration of silicon material has greatly inspired the watchmaking industry.

The Freak X watch was born in 2019. It is like a simplified version of a whimsical watch. The barrier to entry has also been lowered, and the target customers are turned to younger urbanites. The most important change of the Freak X watch is to return to the crown design, but still retain the special “no pointer, no dial” design.

Dazzling Tapisserie check pattern

The new Freak X dazzling camouflage watch inherits the design of the Freak X watch. There is no traditional dial, but a beautifully decorated movement splint, which is decorated with charming dazzling camouflage patterns.

This camouflage pattern has its origins. The Ulysse Nardin watch has a deep historical relationship with the nautical world and the navies of many countries. The “dazzling camouflage” is also known as the “zebra painting”, which originated from the two world wars, especially the first adopted by British warships during the First World War. An advanced ship camouflage coating technology, with dazzling camouflage patterns to conceal ships. The dazzling camouflage is not used to conceal oneself, but to attract the attention of the enemy.

The unique black and white plaid is presented on the dial. Ulysse Nardin simultaneously uses three different polishing and decoration techniques, including lacquer decoration, electroplating and laser engraving, to present this dazzling plaid effect.

On the front of the replica swiss watches, the exposed Carrousel strip movement revolves around the heart once an hour to indicate the time. The shorter lower bridge indicates the hour, and the longer upper bridge indicates the minute. At the other end of the upper bridge is a constantly rotating escapement. We can clearly see the nickel flyweight and the ultra-wide and ultra-light silicon balance wheel with stable micro-sheets.

The watch case is made of black DLC coated titanium metal case, which is light and comfortable when worn on the hand, and titanium metal has low allergenicity, which has great advantages in various materials. The watch is equipped with a black hollow rubber-coated leather strap, and a white strap is also available.

The movement is equipped with the UN-230 movement. This movement integrates the dual advantages of the brand-made UN-118 movement and the Freak Vision UN-250 movement. The structure is more compact, and the Freak X watch is used instead. The crown design has a lot to do with the movement. The UN-230 movement still uses the silicon technology that Ulysse Nardin replica is proud of, with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Chaos and confusion are intertwined, and art and craftsmanship are combined. This brand-new Freak X dazzling camouflage watch is like an “external creation” born between space and the earth. It is avant-garde, unique, and dazzling. Charm.