Ulysse Nardin DIVER X skeleton watch

Can diving watches be hollowed out? Ulysse Nardin DIVER X skeleton watch is here

Ulysse Nardin watch started as a nautical clock, after more than a hundred years of development, it seems to have formed its own unique style. Speaking of Ulysse Nardin, what we think of is innovation and coolness. This year marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of Ulysse Nardin. On this occasion, Ulysse Nardin is adding another masterpiece to the diving series. The brand cleverly combined the essence of Ulysse Nardin’s representative Diver X and Skeleton X watches to design this Diver X skeleton watch, demonstrating the inexhaustible spirit of innovation of Ulysse Nardin.

This watch enthusiastically collides between the diving series and the manager series skeleton watch, abandoning the traditional dial structure of the diving series DIVER X watch, incorporating the hollow design, revealing the movement structure, and providing more possibilities for the diving watch market sex.

Diving series DIVER X skeleton watch is limited to 175 pieces. Friends familiar with Ulysse Nardin knows that it is different from most watches on the market where the serial number is engraved on the back of the watch. The independent serial number of Ulysse Nardin is on the side of the case. The 44 mm diameter case is coated with a blue PVD coating, the sides are polished with microbeads, and matched with satin polished lugs, presenting a unique texture.

The watch is equipped with a counterclockwise unidirectional rotating concave bezel. The dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass also effectively resists the impact of external forces, so that the watch can withstand strong deep sea pressure to the maximum extent, and it is waterproof to 200 meters. The material of the bezel is also a highlight of this watch. It is made of blue carbocation material (Carbonium®), which is an ultra-light aerospace-grade material. Compared with other carbon composite materials, this material is not only more environmentally friendly, but also gives the watch a unique texture.

From the front, the design of the plate is very exquisite. This watch carries one of the most technically difficult and complex technologies in the history of the brand: the “X” dial with blue PVD coating. In order to highlight the in-depth layout of the central “X” structure, the watch adopts a laminated design to maximize the sense of depth. We can also clearly see the barrel at 12 o’clock and the hollow balance wheel at 6 o’clock, giving you a panoramic view of the precise operation of the movement.

A closer look reveals that the hour markers of this High Quality Replica watches are connected to the dial in a clever way, as if floating above the dial.

The color of the strap corresponds to the overall style of the watch, with orange and blue showing a different color contrast effect. In addition to the orange rubber strap we saw, the brand also offers a marine blue rubber strap to choose from.

Because of the hollowing out, the best viewing angle for the movement of this watch is the front, and the movement seen through the back of the watch is more regular and orderly. The watch is equipped with a UN-371 self-winding mechanical movement, which has undergone a series of transformations to better meet the structural requirements of this watch. The fully wound chain can provide a 96-hour power reserve.

When I saw this watch at the “Watches and Miracles” at the Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, I felt very amazing. After all, hollow watches and diving watches are very common nowadays, but hollow diving watches are really rare. And cheap Ulysse Nardin watch boldly innovate, subvert the tradition, once again offer us precious timepieces.