Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere – Introduction to the Art of Watchmaking

Harry Winston OPUS 9 watch OPUMTZ46WW001

Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere (Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere) is a watch that introduces the mechanical principles of high-level watchmaking, and shows the artistry of time from an amazing perspective.

At first glance, this rectangular watch case evokes a closer look at its mechanical artistry, which is strikingly similar to the wheels of a fully-forged steam locomotive how-called on the track-all signs point to Harry Win Ston is the destination. This timepiece must have 51 limited edition special watches. This timepiece is withdrawing from the station, embarking on an amazing journey of watchmaking skills, everything is ready.

Harry Winston (Harry Winston) is known as a senior jewelry watchmaker of fine replica watches, and his Harry Winston tourbillon Glissiere watch continues to establish the watchmaking tradition to the highest aesthetic details.

The open dial of the rectangular case is equipped with a manual winding and time setting system, which can be driven directly to the barrel and chassis through the back of the watch. On one side of the winding system are two platinum sliders whose racks with sharp teeth directly mesh with the winding rack. There is a stylized wing on the other side, which can be used to pull the ratchet through a pinion. The guide rail of the sliding weight is so smooth – oil will cause friction. The tourbillon in flight jumps endlessly through the time with an accurate jump of six radians.

The tourbillon Glissiere is housed in a 49 mm X 47 mm white gold case with sapphire crystal scratches. The balance wheel of this fake watch vibrates 21,600 times per hour and has a tourbillon for one minute. It has 37 ruby ​​gemstone bearings and diamond end stones. It also has a 120-hour power reserve with a single barrel manual winding. It is water resistant to 30m and comes with a beautiful hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap.

Harry Tourbillon Glissiere (Harry Tourbillon Glissiere) is Harry Winston (Harry Winston) through high-quality craftsmanship and a long Swiss watchmaking tradition continued mechanical watchmaking perspective. Harry Winston started making exquisite timepieces in 1989 and established the brand with creative size timepieces. The company has adopted the same perfect tradition as jewelry production in the manufacture of its watch series. This excellent and professional and meticulous practice allows the company to produce true and luxurious gem-set watches, embodying superb design and desirable technological complexity.

Harry Tourbillon Glissiere (replica Harry Tourbillon Glissiere) adhering to the technical complexity and visual artistry of the brand marquee.