Harry Winston launched a project Z15

Regulator and retrograde. Harry Winston Project Z15

The project was launched in 2004, the project z is the Sports watch of Harry Winston in its marine line, is defined by aluminum-zirconium alloys, which is used to refer to Armidium case. Traditionally, the timing code table and dual time zone are dominated, as the typical movement of sports watches, now the project Z series is now one of the most unusual models, the project Z15.

The new model has a gentle upgrade design and new mechanism, especially for sporty watch – a retrograde second regulator style time show, a designed dragonfly with art decorative architecture in New York City.

Like its elderly brothers, this project Z15 is a positive style, but soft colors, all about symmetrical and clean, geometric lines, which lead to people who want to attract a fun but low-key sports watch.

The new Z15 is the first of the brand with a stabilized display, which means an hour, minute, and second needle indicated on a separate shaft arranged on the vertical line. The layout is not only vertically symmetrical, but it can improve readability and apply as far as possible to the open regulator dial. The most worthless of the retrograde 30 second monitor, which means that the second hand returns to zero twice a minute and creates near-normal action on the dial.

Interestingly, the backbone bridge on the dial completed simple, linear cereals, allowing faces to mind that motion discovered in high-end sports watches in early 2000 (highly complex Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Models).

A disadvantage of Z15 is that it is similar to its directly predecessor, last year’s project z14 looks almost the same, but lacks adjustment show. Harry Winston has grinded design details to distinguish between, for example, broader and more flattened arches and retrogractive scale – but these functions are just obviously closed.

That is, the pricing of Z14 and Z15 is the same, which makes Z15 A better purchase because it provides a slight interesting mechanics.

Reverse second
Although the regulator layout is the first of Harry Winston, it is a retrograde seconds separate from Z15 with competitors – rarely find complications in sports watches.

Due to an open dial, the number of retrograde seconds makes it more interesting. As can be seen from the six-point, the mechanism of a snail cam with a double recess – allows twice a minute to jump – and returns the second needle to zero springs.

The trademark crown police guarded the arms of the New York Store above the door, which is the content of Alm, aluminum and zirconium. Table of Harry Winston. Silver gray color, solve rate is light, corrosion resistant.

The internal HW3207 is basically the same as the action found in the early project z model, which is a Fredri pig base for making an upgrade with silicon hair. However, it is modified to include the regulator display and reverse seconds. The HW3207 has a 65-hour convenient reserve that meets the three-day specification of most mid-high-end watches.

Harry Winston Project Z15
Ref. OCEASR42ZZ001

Diameter: 42.2 mm
Height: 10.7 mm
Material: Zalium
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 100 m

Movement: HW3207
Functions: Hours, minutes and retrograde seconds
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 65 hours

Strap: Rubber