Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 4

Today, we launched the latest work of Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon series, which aims to explore all directions of tourbillon development. Histoire De Tourbillon 4 is equipped with a unique three-shell tourbillon, trying to offset the influence of gravity from all angles, because unlike the pocket watch that invented the tourbillon, our watch is always in motion.

The tourbillon mechanism in this watch is one of the most complicated. There are three concentric cages, and each cage is at a different angle relative to the cage outside the cage, and each cage rotates at a different speed. The outermost cage rotates every 300 seconds (5 minutes), the middle cage rotates every 75 seconds, and the innermost cage rotates every 45 seconds. discount fake watches

As part of the pursuit of accuracy, Histoire de Tourbillon 4 uses strong but lightweight titanium plates and bridges to support the lightweight (1.57 g) tourbillon. The 345-part movement requires more than 160 hours of construction and adjustment by first-class watchmakers, which is one of the reasons why 20 of these amazing watches are made.

Histoires de Tourbillon 4 Tourbillon 4 watch only uses 18k white gold and Zalium case, an interesting new interpretation of a century-old complex function.