Franck Muller Crazy Time: 15 Years of Crazy

It happened during the holidays. The founder of the same name of Franck Muller came up with the idea of ​​Crazy Hours, ostensibly when he was on vacation in Mauritius in early 2000. But before that, the watchmaker has proven to the world that this is true. He himself is a watchmaking genius, he suddenly appeared in a series of “world premieres” in the 1980s-complications of the world’s first watch, such as tourbillon with jumping hours, inverted tourbillon perpetual calendar. This is not the most complicated. Even after Crazy Hours was launched in 2002, Franck Muller will continue to use more confusing and record-breaking creations to change the status quo. They range from the world’s most complex watch-Aeternitas Mega (2007) to the world’s largest tourbillon-Giga Tourbillon (2011).

How crazy is it? Unlike the classic dial layout, the 12-hour markers are displayed in chronological order and the numbers are chaotic. For example, the number “12” is at eight o’clock, “2” is at six o’clock, and “3” is at eleven o’clock…you get the idea. gents watches

There is a way to get crazy. The technical premise is actually very simple: the watch is driven by an automatic movement with a time-jumping module on the top. The “crazy” function is provided by the hour jumping module, which makes the hour hand jump five positions to the next hour. If you want to draw an imaginary line on the dial to connect the hours, you can imagine four neatly ordered triangle jumping sequences, each jumping for three hours.

I am 15 years old this year. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the series, the brand launched an “Asian Exclusive” commemorative series, which includes entry-level steel watches to attract young watch lovers, which can be purchased at its boutiques and selected Asian retailers . The watch is available in three sizes, suitable for both male and female collectors. In addition to the steel model, it also offers rose gold and diamond options. The five-minute mark on each dial has a different color-red, blue, green or black-with a matching leather strap to show the youthful spirit. This is not the craziest Crazy Hours launch, but it will convey the spirit of Franck Muller to a wider audience.