Richard Mille

up in the air

Richard Mille constantly updates its first generation of classic works. RM 21-01 shows what can be achieved with some rose gold, some white, and a very robust technology platform.

The RM 021 Tourbillon Aerodyne did not cause a sensation when it was first launched. Richard Mille is in everyone’s sight, but not under the microscope, and has a reputation, but he is not always there like he is today. In addition, it is one of the brand’s original, almost exotic claims because the public has not yet fully understood their ability to contain otherworldly materials. For example, on the top of the tourbillon, this movement is built on a main board made of titanium and honeycomb-shaped orthogonal titanium aluminide, with a carbon nanofiber core (one bite), which is borrowed from the airspace industry.

Since then, many first-generation RMs have been updated. Aerodyne patiently waited for its turn. The 50 pieces of RM 21-01 is a more powerful version of it, in a new uniform. On the one hand, it was injected with testosterone, and the jagged carbon TPT bezel appeared for the first time on RM 11-03. On the other hand, the RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne has become softer, with a wider, more curved case (all the way to the movement) made of carbon TPT and red gold.

The tourbillon and barrel splint are arranged in a radial pattern and are preserved because they are one of the characteristics of the original. As for the honeycomb orthogonal main splint with structure and function as the core concept of RM 021, it has also been evolved. It is now made of carbon TPT and Haynes 214 instead of titanium and its derivatives. This is a blue composite nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy with ultra-high oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance. RM021 and 21-01 are named Aerodyne because of their lightness and combination with the most advanced airspace manufacturing technology.