Breitling Endurance Pro Ironman Red X823109A1K1S1

Replica Breitling Endurance Pro Ironman Red X823109A1K1S1 Men watch

Iron and Breitling partner together, launch endurance pregnant women watch As a new official luxury watch, Breitling celebrates power and endurance, these phenomena, sports events and new series of watches

Breitling and IRONMAN signed a long-term partnership and cooperated with collaborative design endurance Pro Ironman Watches, which is a special series of Breitling ultimate Athens. The result is a set of perfect, light luxury sports watches, combined with high precision, innovative technology, full of vitality, colorful design. There are two exciting new watches: global available red versions, for sports and timid enthusiasts, as well as black and golden works dedicated to Ironman® race. Other models reserved for the Ironman community in the coming months.

In 2019, Breitling and Ironman have introduced a highly successful Breitling SuperocEn IronSman Limited Edition. This new partnership began to cooperate with a hundred years of long-term cooperation into a new official luxury watch for steelters.

In order to celebrate partnerships and provide the first time, I held a special event last night, a special event in the Baiye Mountain, which was held by President and Chief Executive of Bai Yilin US President Thierry Prissert and Ironman Group Andrew Messick. Official cooperation. As a special guest, it is the Fornman Famer and the 1997 Ironman World Champion, Heather Fuhr; Tieman Ambassador and the First Down Syndrome of the Tieman, Christnik; Tie Long Celebrity Hall and Iron People Sound, Mike Rili; and professional Ironman Triathlete Ben Hoffman, he also celebrated new watches in his hand, and his recent collaborative relationship with a hundred years, as a US local ambassador. Since professionals in 2007, Hoffman has won many iron people, iron 70.3 and national tournaments.

“The iron man truly reflects our performance and endurance core values. We aim to become the ideal table of elite players, as well as a leisure, daily exercise time code table, used for active people, they want to win performance and luxury victory combination “Breitling CEO Georges Kern said.

This fascinating watch is perfectly captured by the Icon · Group President and CEO of the Gull and Andrew Messick’s energetic and multi-functional spirit.

“We are very happy to continue to work with such special and respected teachers. After successful cooperation in 2019, we are very happy to build this new watch with the 100-year spirit, reflecting the strength and toughness of Ironman Triapletes,” Mesk Say.

All three members of the Bremen Sanxie are occupying the area in Ironman Triathlon around the world. Jan Frodeno’s German Tribar Three Piano Florida is not only a 2008 Olympic gold medal, but also a three-time Ironman World Champion and Two Ironman70.3® World Championships. In 2019, Frodeno recorded the best overall course time in Ironman WorldchampionShip®, won in 7:51:13.

Daniela RYF is Switzerland’s native country, a five-year iron 70.3 world champion and four ironwork world champions. Breitling Endurance Pro Ironman Red X823109A1K1S1

The third team member is Australia’s Chris “Macca” McCak, and he has taken the title of two Ironwork World Championships again in 2007 and 2010. He also won the 2012 ITU General Longjusi.

All three represent the best match of the Racing Sikris Iron Fund, which brings together three subjects to the world’s most challenging single-day competition, including 2.4 miles (3.8 km) swimming, 112 miles (180 Kili) Riding a bicycle, 26.2 miles (42.2 km) running.

Ultimate forging

The new durability Pro Ironman series serves a luxury customer who serves athletes and finds the ultimate workout watch.

Its 44 mm housings are manufactured by BreitLight®, 3.3 times larger than titanium, 5.8 times larger than steel, but significantly difficult. This exclusive high-tech material has excellent resistance to scratch resistance, traction and corrosion. It also has its anti-magnetic and anti-allergic properties, as well as thermal stability, which makes it more warm than metal.

It is provided by a 100-year-old line caliber 82, and COSC-certified heat metering Super standard per standard TM movement is more accurate than conventional quartz, providing a battery life of approximately three to four years.

The two-way rotary border has engraving points, and the tactile model crown provides excellent gripping and mobile. Hours and Tiny hand coated with super Luminova®, even under limited lighting conditions, clear and clear. In addition to a sub-stage of a small second, there are 1/10 seconds and 30 minutes of timer counter, which is also designed to read it. The watch is resistant to 10 bar / 100 m / 330 feet. watches cheap

There are currently two versions: Bathroom and Durability Pro Ironman Finisher. The former is equipped with a red dial with a blank scale with a pulse scale. The watch uses the red rubber box on the Breitlight® Don Tang Dynasty. It has a unique Irenman inscription rather than a century-old type. The latter – Black and golden accent – is a athlete for completing the ironman. This version will be provided specifically through the IRONMAN channel, and its case has a special Ironman Finisher series engraving.

The original health professionals are inspired by a hundred years of sprint, colorful, and impressive lightweight observations in the 1970s. Its miscarriage makes it a athlete who wants to monitor their heart rate.

Watch this space to understand the news of further watches that will complete the endurance professional steel.

About 100 years

Since 1884, the global reputation of high-precision hours since 1884, its development in the development of the wrist time code table, and its uncompromising commitment to excellence. With the complex combination of brands and aviation, the 100-year spirit is shared in human conquesters. It is known for its innovation spirit, and it has also gained a privilege in science, sports and technology. Breitling has created its own sport internally, and everyone’s quality is like the movement of all 100-year-old watch – by its status as a COSC certified Chronometer, manufactured in Switzerland.

About Iron Man

IRONMAN Group provides a global event combination series through the Ironman® 70.3®Xiriathlon series, the Ironman® VirtualRacingTM (VRTM “series, 5150TM three football series, rock ‘N’Llow® runs, the Rock’n’roll Virtual Ring TM Series, Ironkids®, World Tournament Series, Ordinary Running, including Standard Franchise Singapore MarathTM and Sun-HeraldCity2Surf®, Super Trail® World Tourism Activities, including Tarave and Ultra-Trail AustraliaTM, mountain bike Competition, including Absa Capeepic®, road cycle events, and other Multisport competitions. The Ironman Group is the world’s largest mass participation in sports operators, providing more than one million participants through the benefits of endurance movement of the company’s products. Since the establishment of the Iconicironman® brand in 1978, the athletes have proven that anything has excessive end lines around the world. As a game, the Ironworking Group has developed to become a global sexy and hundreds of activities across 55 countries.