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Jacob & Co’s rapid and passionate tweeter will cost 580,000 US dollars Deluxe Watch Manufacturers fake Jacob & Co. Released a special edition called “fast and passion twin turbocharge” (not, true), aimed at celebrating the 20th anniversary of the rapid and fierce franchise. In order to commemorate the latest installments in the F9 series, the line will be limited to nine examples.

The latest movie is not the only celebration of this watch. A pair of faces (if you are suffering from nature) look like the Dodge Challenger and Toyota Comrade Toyota, Yaju & Co. It is trying to refer to the entire series in the final competition of the first movie.

The wrist is based on the company’s dual turbine watch, which has a two-three-axis trunk mechanism, a decimal repeater and a pplane time calculator. All of this is provided by the 832 component JCFM05, which can be provided for Jacob & Co. jacob and co astronomia solar zodiac

“Pitboard” function allows you to set the reference time to compare the LAP time. According to Jacob & Co:

Inspired by the old pitboard of the car racing, you can use the crank (pull out the first position and expand) Move color, rotate the disk, and the central digital display to set the reference time. Then, when you operate a single hole time timer, you can easily see the difference between the current time and the reference time you set.

This watch is also a unique name of “fast and passion twin turbine boost”, which is etched to sapphire cases. The watch is the first line of the twin turbine to use titanium, which is known from its low weight and is matched thereto. Neoralithe is an innovative transparent material for the first time for the red ring of the baffle.

“Fast and passion use innovation and new technologies to destroy the movie movie space,” Jacob & Co. “Founded:” We are still our goal by innovating this destruction of Switzerland. . ” jacob and co astronomia price uk

“Our twin turbine growth is a natural health, a rapid and fierce franchise right,” CEO Benjamin Arabov said. “Not only is the name of our watches, but also overall emphasizes speed and excellence. Jacob & Co. It has been in a number of important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity such as our DNA. New fast and fierce double Turbo is a great watch. “

Watch is – Well, I can put the most polite way is that beauty is subjective. But if this is attractive to you, you happen to be enough luck to afford, then you may be interested in the face of Jacob and Co. Both can be combined to make your watch look like you in college’s dormitory wall. We look forward to watching the family, which will follow this person, based on the customer seems to cater to customers.

If you can’t afford this Online cheap watch, you can enjoy this briskly, you are lucky! F9, fast and passion franchise, the latest staging payment, June 25, hit the cinema.