Breitling Endurance Pro Ironman Watches

Back in 2019, cheap Breitling launched a limited edition super sea watch with Ironman. This is a famous hard-working three all-round series, cultivating the championship and has promoted the shortcomings of decades. Yesterday in Los Angeles, the two of the durability professional steelist watch in Nuts professional steelsticks have launched another cooperation. Although there are two pieces of works being declared, only red versions will be available in the general population, while another black and gold model can only provide people who complete the ironman race, including 22.4 miles of swimming, a 112 mile bicycle and 26.2 miles Run (I read this is about 40,000 people every year).

We have already learned about the Exheng Pro so I will briefly introduce the context here. Some professional collections, the nut Pro case is completed in the brand-specific Breiglight polymer, three times the triple, slightly higher than steel, rather than both. In fact, the watch shell weight is 35 grams, and the rubber strap itself is 30 grams, let you know how to light.

Durability Pro Ironman uses 44 mm wide and 12.5mm thick 12.5mm thick, using calories Superquartz Breitling in-House (and COSC certified) Calible 82 sports. This is 1/10 of the second timecase table, 30 minutes of the counter, is one of the few Hac (high precision quartz) sports there.

As for these two new durability Pro Ironman watches, first is a model with a red gradient dial with black touches and an Ironman flag on the 6-point counter counter. It comes from a matching red rubber strap, read “iron people” rather than the usual “century” text. Red is a very bold color choice, although the influence of the gradient is exhibiting a trend in the trend.

The second type is called durability Pro Ironman Finisher, which is easy to provide those who complete the game. Honestly, this is a beautiful and bad man, and its necrosis is enhanced through its entry request. A black dial with a golden touch, it is a stealth outlet magic. Of course, there is also a “Finisher series” on the back of the case. I want to be in design and shocking, Emperor Pusman’s terminator is outstanding. I think there will be cases there – let us call the courage to secretly touch – the terminal purchased (even more evil means, because this is obviously an unscrupulous man). For them, I said: Shame! replica watches for men