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Deductive new retro style hippocampus 300 wrist table bronze gold watches

Recently, a brand new watch has gained the eyes of everyone. It is from the Omega brand launched hippocampus to launch a new specialty. It uses Omega exclusive development of bronze gold to create-hippocampus 300 wrist-bronze gold Watch. This watch is a pioneering moment of brand watch history, the lovers of the bronze material watch will be in the heart! This is Omega to use bronze gold to create a watch for the hippocampus 300 watches to give more retro-elegant and cool tones. (Model:

The 41 mm housing and buckles of the new watch are created with the exclusive bronze gold developed by Omega, which presents retro-friendly beauty and color. Omega bronze gold uses a unique alloy ratio ingredient to wear it directly.

Omega unique bronze gold is rich in precious metal elements, of which 37.5% of the ingredients are gold, including palladium and silver or other precious metals. Bronze gold presents a soft pink tone. During the wear process, it has superior corrosion resistance, it is not easy to have copper green oxidation, which can keep natural, elegant copper green.

The sandwich dial is used to use the unique dark brown tones created by common bronze. After special processes, the chic copper green is used to form a charming comparison with the color of the bronze golden case.

The watch case is made of replica Omega bronze gold, and the diving scale is built with a chain ceramic to echo each other. The dive scale is covered with a retro-style luminous coating. In addition, the laps uses a slim design, making the watch more refined.

Through the sapphire glass table, the wearer can appreciate the operation of Omega 8912 to the Observatory movement. The movement and the entire watch are certified by the Swiss Federal Measurement Research Institute (Metas) to resist the strong magnetic field up to 15,000 Gauss. Two series-connected boxes provide a 60-hour power storage feature for the watch.

The classic hippocampus 300 and the innovative bronze gold are commonly presented for us, which can be called a boutique watch. For the lovers of the retro style, bronze, the appearance of this men watches cheap can be said to meet all of them all.