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American United States 1921 orphan-time – faithful reproduction of classic names of American American 1921 fake watches unique

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1921 watch in American, Jiang Shi Denton continues the original design of the classic original, reproduces the spirit of “The Roaring 19”, and faithfully creates an iconic work.

This new orphan hour meter highlights the brand’s unwanted commitment to inheriting and refining traditional watchmaking skills.

Geneva, May 25, 2021 – To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1921 watch in American, Jiang Shi Doints in-depth inquiry brand historical files, adhering to the long-standing skills, with the attention of new work, loyal to this carry an extraordinary era Classic timepiece masterpiece. The new American American 1921 orphanscites condensed the generous technological attainments and the legend of humanities, and the exquisite intensity is interpreted to a new realm. This new work is built by the Historical Inheritance Department of Jiang Shi Doints and the brand of the brand. It has been built a whole year. It is called the first year of the first year to create a foreigner, highlighting the river temple dedicated to the inheritance, continuing and continuously enriching the brand history accumulation and traditional skills. Firm commitment.

In 1921, the prototypes were produced only 24, and now there is only one incorporating Jiang Shidian Collection, which is extremely rare, and is well received by the high-end watch holders and taste appreciation. In the back of the time, it contains the intriguing story, leading people through the long river, retrospective birth, and visits the era of moving. It is adhering to this concept, Jiang Shi Doint introduces new American American 1921 orphans this year, faithfully restores the classic name of 1921, opening a long journey of travel throughout the space. Explore the booming creativity of “The Roaring 19” and also reproduce the beauty of the process of 100 years ago. This is not only a new anniversary, but also a fascinating exploration of more than 265 deep art accumulation. Vacheron Constantin replica watches

Jiang Shi Dointton repair workshop and historical inheritance department:

Continuous inheritance of advanced watchmaking art

When Vacheron Dethain decided to loyal to the American American 1921 watch works, this is destined to be a ambitious and exciting exploration.

As the bridge of the cohesive brand and the future, the Historical inheritance department of Jiang Shi Dontendon occupies a unique position. It seems to have a rainy museum, witnessed the long history of 1755, and carefully guards a unique product line. Day revenue, the team member of this department wakes up the research brand inheritance, constantly accumulating professional skills, contributing to the new series of design, and also provides an important reference for the repairman. At present, this department has collected approximately 800 mechanical tools, tablework and tabulation tool kits, and a large number of documentation and image information. Open the volume of the Volumes and Books, the total length of 420 meters, covering the communication between the overseas sales information, the brand and partners, suppliers and customers, and reveals a few of the river temples. Active development history and artistic achievements since the century. Since all the products of the brand are systematically registered, they can track the traceability of each hour. This vast collection of Collection files opens the history of American American 1921 watch. On this basis, the expert team of Jiang Shi Dointton repair workshop is boldly welcoming challenges, reproduces the old-lost ancient skills, and integrates modern technology and traditional.

Few of the watchmaking brands will be able to restore the antique tables across a hundred years of history. Because of this, Jiang Shi Denton has been able to inherit a long-standing technique, ensuring that each time plan is constantly continuing to continue. The repair master is also strictly abides by the career ethics of repairing work while showing exquisite skills and style. They will rely on rich parts libraries, or polishing parts billets, even re-produced – this is the most cost-effective work, and must be measured by extremely complex size. The repairman has a skillful team team, which is good at combined with historical perspective and scientific analysis, so that every ancient trend is reducing the past. But they have never tried a complete and re-made an antique hour meter. In this unprecedented pioneering, in order to ensure that the nature of the prototype design is faithfully and accurate, the repair master must end the multi-skill, and the experience is continuously accumulated in the repeated trial of a year.

After several months of studying brand files, as well as observation and analysis of prototype design, the observation and analysis of prototypes, continuously exploring the test, and experienced repeated alternation of failure and success, and finally created this American American 1921 orphan. This year, this new work will be a grand tour in the Global Store of Jiang Shoden, blooming a hundred years of classics.

Antique machine and tools

In order to reproduce the handmade tradition before the first century, the children must use antique tools that are collected by the historical inheritance department, including: a flat-screen lathe at the end of the 19th century, used to loyal to restore the case components; and the rounded corners of the 19th century Machine, used to modify the contour and diameter of the teeth. In addition, it is necessary to use the 18th-century vertical drilling accessories to drill the movement of the movement of the movement; and embarrassing the gemstone axis in the early 20th century.

In addition to these antique machines, the children also specially developed a series of tools, for example, specially customized milling cutters and rivets in the early 20th centuries, which cleverly reproduces ancient processes and traditional skills. Such a unique list of monk has achieved a unremitting pursuit of the extraordinary hidden hide, highlighting the river temple dedicated to the inheritance, carry forward and continuously enriched the brandm.

Antique movement

For the extraordinary time to brand history, the Non-River Masters, the Masters of the Hujiang Constantin Repair Workshop have long been proficient in this complex art. But they have never tried from scratch and complete an antique movement from scratch.

The children first need to disassemble and carefully study the parts of the Calibre Nouveau movement of 11 bodies in prototype antique tables. The bridge and the main splint need to be re-produced, and other parts can be found in the repair workshop to find the blank in a vast storage parts library. However, this search process is extremely complicated because the antique housing contains a number of endless parts, and the size is different. To identify the corresponding blank one by one, first measuring the size of 115 parts of the original movement, then carefully observe the comparison, and then make a rigorous plan to make an simulated movement model. The entire process is extremely fine and needs to be particularly complex.

In this step, especially the size of the original antique movement, re-creation of the bridge and the main separator, the historical inheritance department has played an extremely important role in the brand files. In addition, the children must consider the following questions one by one: How to adjust and calibrate each part before assembly? How should antique machines adjust? What should be embedded in the movement of gemstone axes compared to today’s nailed inlaid How to make sure the colors on the gear are consistent with the original? How to loyal to the spacing and vertical position of each part of the original movement? In order to properly solve these problems, children must install parts one by one. Any subtle mistake can lead to a loss of the entire project. best price watches

Inlaid gemstones on the movement, is also a daunting challenge. Since the 1940s, mechanical nails have gradually become the mainstream of the gemstone shaft. This makes the repair workshop’s watchmakers to replace damaged gems for historic antique timeproof, but have not passed the chance to set the gemstone eye. In order to accurately caught the depth of embedded gemstones accurately in the metal surface, the guarantee is not more than 0.01 mm, and it is necessary to carefully try. In addition, the children must be patientously to drive, in order to reproduce the unique rib decoration on the movement, with the rich manual engraving pattern ingeniously match, we will continue the exquisite design of a hundred years ago.

Exquisite craft, reproduce classic dial and the unique charm of the case

It is necessary to accurately reproduce the classic design of American American 1921 watch, which needs to be extremely exquisite handcuffs. In order to overcome a series of technical puzzles, Jiang Shi Denn’s watchmaking master has been meticulous to observe the prototype antique watch in 1921, and the records of the brand files are carefully creatively creating every detail of the case and the dial one by one.

Some antique parts can be found in the parts library of the repair workshop, such as a blade used to make crown and pointers, while other parts must be re-produced from scratch. The first is the case, 31.5 mm in diameter, which is loyal to the size of the prototype design, which is created with the same 18k3n gold material as the historical original, and uses the spectrometer to accurately reproduce the original color. In order to follow the customs, there is a different detail with antique watch in the new watch, which is a special laser engraving decoration on the bottom cover.

The production of the dial is also condensed with exquisite professionalism. It is accurately presented by the art master to show the fine granular texture and unique sense of the original dial. The dial is created by Daming fire. This ancient skill is known as one of the finest and complex watchdrop articles, which requires repeated firing in a high temperature in 800 degrees Celsius. The dial is embedded with the vintage digital time indicating and the Jiang Shi Don brand logo, and the slim open pointer, and the master of the repair workshop can use the traditional skills of the workshop.

Every detail of the new replica watches for sale has been famished, ensuring that the unique style of the loyal continuation is no exception, and it is not exception to the strap, which is equipped with the same 18K 3n gold material as the original workshop. buckle.