Richard Mille launched a new RM 74-02 & RM 74-01

Replica Richard Mille RM 74-01 In-House Automatic Winding Tourbillon Watch

Two super special copy Richard Mille models have two unique tastes.

When Richard Mille announces the release of its super exclusive model, this is always a special occasion, which tends to have a rich retail amount to go to the day. Today, Richard Mille is proud to launch two new luxury examples to join them. The first is that the appearance is RM 74-02, which is an automatic tourmate wheel, focusing on the combination of lightweight design and the most advanced technology. The golden carbon TPT case is the place where the internal skeleton automatic winding gym movement can accommodate a power reserve of 50 hours. Join lightweight design, Richard Mille installed RM 74-02 with a comfortable custom nylon strap.

The second watch makes it introduced to the head turn RM 74-01. The latest sports model of the brand has a matte titanium box that shows an intricate skeleton dial. Driving Richard Mille RM 74-01 is the internal CRMT6 Touring Motion, providing daily functionality and 50-hour power reserves. Complete the sport style of 74-01 RM RM 74-01, Richard Mille is suitable for new watches, with vibrant red leather straps and white gold buckles. Two newest luxury clocks from Richard Mille currently available through authorized dealers.

RM 74-01 and RM 74-02: Demonstrators and elegance don’t just

These two new models have signed Richard, 74-01 and RM 74-02, hoping in the image of the tabular manufacturing: technology and temptation.

Since there is no clock method, manufacturing Richard Mille has been developing incredible technical nature in many years, and does not fix any restrictions. Two new signatures of Franco-Swiss Watchmaker are created to provide two new expressions for the automatic gyro manufacturing caliber.

Through the dressing of the dressing, it is also a plate and bridge, and each of RM 74-01 and 74-02 reflects a specific size: the first and CRMT5 CRMT6 is the second. If both models have similarity visible to the naked eye, all specificity of these two timepiece is distinguished by the intimate relationship of mixed perfect Fake Watches.

RM 74-01 has a gray metal ceramic baffle and a gray Cermet bottom background 5. Richard Mille and IMI team specialize in the long-term development of Microtechnics for applications. Cermet watch. Respect the European standard range, which is designed to protect health and environment from chemical risks, will exclude nickel and cobalt typically in this type of alloy based on high-performance ceramic enhanced matrix zirconia metal in this type of alloy. Solution for obtaining homogeneous materials without changing the corresponding quality
It is achieved by a combination of conventional hot pressing with high strength electrical pulses to increase the sintering effect.

RM 74-02 Wear TPT® gold carbon in another exclusive material of Richard Mille, after several years of research. This unpublished combination between composite and precious metals in this unpublished combination in this unpublished combination of gold. The resistance of the clock component is obtained from a 45 ° alternating TPT® carbon layer having 24 carat gold leaves, which is not equal to its brightness. It also allows a comparison between blossom and carbon sheathed. In order for rendering to become unacceptable, it is necessary to adapt to the machining processes and cutting tools. This results in a circulating golden golden dress, its brilliance has extended the body on red gold 5n and crown and circled on 3N gold.