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Advanced complications: Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverse Hybris Mechica Calibre 185

Jaeger-Lecoultre has been called WatchMakers for decades. The reason behind this is its action, so far, they have made more than 1,200 different times, they are also very good, they also offer them to some of the biggest names in WatchWorld, such as Cartier, ear linger and Van Cleef & arpels. In particular, they are particularly good at a field of Granad complications. In this regard, Jaeger-Lecoultre likes to challenge yourself because this year is subject to Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185.

This Jaeger-Lecoultre replica is the most complicated reversal in history using its most identical model. It has no less than 11 complications and displays them in a good order, and the watch is using four “dialing”: a one of each side of the slider, and on both sides. It will lead to a spectacular watch that is not very organized, you can easily read a lot of information. Organized is also a watchmaker for developing and manufacturing this watch. Some complications, such as a minute repeater, gyro and permanent calendar, have been difficult to produce itself, but it is a difficult task in a very small space. Reverso Hybris Mechishics Calibre 185 even has never seen in the watch, such as the moon’s scan, demon and meteorological cycle display, and use 12 patents to achieve all.

It may be surprisingly that Jaeger-Lecoultre means this older complexity, which is actually worn by their owners. This may sound like a given, but because the watch brand is keen to show their ability, this is often forgotten. Although the Reverso Hybris Mechishica diameter is 185, it is 31.2 mm, width 31mm, it is not too much.

In fact, it is not very big, and it is also an additional challenge for Jaeger-Lecoultre’s watchmakers. While doing so, they still have a keen eye to perform detail. We believe that this is not only completed throughout the entire watch, but also there is no suspension between a few hours, the quarter, and there is no pause between a minute repeater. For most minutes of repeaters, for example, when there is no quarter, there may be a silence gap. Jaeger-Lecoultre eliminates this issue by further development and improvement mechanisms. Everything is REVERSO HYBRIS Mechishics Calibre 185, a look like a rare watch, and redefines Grande complications.