New TAG Heuer Carrera Sports Chronograph 160th Anniversary Special Edition

New Product Release: New TAG Heuer Carrera Sports Chronograph 160th Anniversary Special Edition

Swiss watchmaking giant TAG Heuer will celebrate its 160th anniversary in 2020. To celebrate this unforgettable milestone, the watch brand has released many reference materials. One of them is the reproduction of the benchmark Carrera 45 Dato (Ref. 3147) in the mid-1960s. This watch is iconic because its red date display is located at the very unusual 12 o’clock position. Two reference products released by TAG Heuer this year have a 44 mm wide case, a contrasting bezel and a sub-dial.

New special edition TAG Heuer Carrera Sport chronograph
I think the only thing that connects the watch to the original is the red date display at 12 o’clock. The rest of the functions and aesthetics draw inspiration from the modern Carrera watch series. The large case, the tachymeter on the bezel, and finally the modern H-chain bracelet are all design tips that can be easily found in the modern Carrera collection.

It can be said that the design purpose of this Fake watches is to integrate the historical design features of the TAG Heuer era watches into today’s avant-garde Carreras timepiece series.

The brand released two references. Both references are 44 mm wide and mm thick. As mentioned earlier, we have both white dials and blue dials, and the sub-dials have different color schemes. The reference of the white dial has a black ceramic tachometer circle. On the other hand, the reference with a blue dial has a blue ceramic tachometer circle.

Three red sporty tones can be seen on the dial of the 30-minute chronograph. These provide good design elements that are both sporty and eccentric. This also echoes the red date display at 12 o’clock and the red chronograph second hand at the center.

In each bibliography, the chronograph is faithful to Carrera’s basic design. The whole setup is very clear and actually fits Carrera’s blueprint. Finally, the ceramic bezel on the top not only looks gorgeous and stunning, but is also expected to remain in this state for a long time.

This watch, like many TAG Heuer Carreras replica today, uses Caliber Heuer02. The movement is said to be a chronograph movement manufactured by TAG Heuer. The movement uses vertical clutches and cylindrical gears.

This movement was originally launched in 2013 as a 1969 movement. It was later suspended, and then finally brought into the TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) product lineup for the 2017 Autavia Heritage Calibre Heuer 02. TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) so far, 02 automatic movement has been an excellent timing mechanism, can provide first-class service.