True color: Richard Mille’s RM 07-02 automatic sapphire display a new way of jewelry watches

If you can choose a colorful, sapphire, diamond-studded case, why do you want a plain old gold case?

If anyone in the watch industry likes to play with different materials, it is Richard Mille. He is known for experimenting with various experiments ranging from carbon nanotubes to gold-melted carbon and toughened ceramics, creating a case that is both aesthetically and technically inspiring.

A feminine approach in watch technology
Richard Mille (Richard Mille) replaced the traditional 18-carat gold case with a series of sapphire options of different colors in his latest women’s collection RM 07-02 automatic sapphire. These colorful sapphire cases are made in the shape of a wine barrel, which brings transparency and new luster to women’s jewelry watches.

Richard Mille RM 07-02 With Set Bezel

Colored sapphire case
Manufacturing colored sapphire crystal case is a long-term and meticulous task. The process starts with a whole piece of colored crystal, which has been carefully controlled to prevent blemishes. The next step is mechanical processing. Due to the hardness and durability of sapphire crystal, it takes 40 hours to complete. Like rubies, sapphires have a score of nine out of ten on the Mohs scale, second only to diamonds.

Richard Mille RM 07-02 With Green Sapphire
Once the shape is completed and the case is checked again to ensure that the entire color is uniform, the gem setter will start setting the case by laser cutting the material to insert the hand-polished gold claws that will retain the diamonds. . The time to set gemstones is twice that of ceramic or carbon TPT, and requires micro-finishing.

Dial and diamonds
Paired with a matching color dial, there are four color cases to choose from. Specifically, the green sapphire case has a Hetian jade dial, the blue case has a mother-of-pearl dial, the pink case has a jasper dial, and the transparent sapphire dial is decorated with a complete diamond dial. .

Richard Mille RM 07-02 With Red Sapphire

CRMA5 movement decoration
These eye-catching appearances continue to the CRMA5 self-winding movement, the pink version is in 18-carat rose gold, and the other models are in 18-carat white gold. The base plate and bridge are also refined with 18-carat gold, and have been manually micro-sandblasted and chamfered. The bottom plate is also decorated with hundreds of diamonds.

Difference rotor
The self-winding best watch is of particular interest because it is not only inlaid with gemstones, but also has variable geometric features that can adjust the timepiece according to the activity level of its owner. This setting can be modified by adjusting the two weights, which can be moved and fixed in place by spline screws. When two weights are close to each other, the inertia of the movement will increase, allowing the barrel to wind faster. If a weight is placed at the end of the rotor, the inertia will decrease and the winding speed of the barrel will be slower.

Other features of female watch geeks
There are some very cool additional features in the movement. Includes a fast-rotating barrel to improve performance (five hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours), gear tooth profile with 20 degree pressure angle for better torque transmission to the balance wheel, and excellent Timing function. A free spring balance wheel with variable inertia, which in turn translates into higher timing accuracy.

“This watch is a complete work of art, because every detail is consciously expressed, and everything you see will complement and support the other parts. When you look closely at the sapphire, you will see the movement All the details of the structure and surface treatment, these details are also designed to be pleasing to the eye, as well as the fine diamond setting inside.” Richard Mille (Richard Mille) said.

Richard Mille RM 07-02 With Blue Sapphire

Shiny and serious
It is great to see that the brand puts the same effort in women’s clothing as it does in men’s clothing. RM 07-02 automatic sapphire brings breakthrough mechanical properties, innovative materials and cool design to female wrists. For this, I would like to say thank you!