MB&F LMX-10 years of traditional machines In October 2011, people thought they knew what MB&F stood for. Four clock machines were introduced, each of which was bolder than the previous one. MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser thinks it’s time to do something different

How to break a habitual habit? Turn to history, not history as we recognize it. MB&F Horological Machines comes from an imaginary future, so it is natural for Legacy Machines to draw from an imaginary past. Expressed in different ways: In the golden age of the watch industry, what will MB&F create a century ago?

Round case, painted dial… and “flying” balance wheel
Like MB&F, the Legacy Machine No1 movement is the result of collaboration – in this case, with two outstanding Friends, two outstanding figures in the watch industry (due to their innovative engineering) and Kari Voutilainen, they are different Talented. A living legend of classic watchmaking.

The LM1 is equipped with a round case – MB&F’s first case – a white lacquered dial, blue hands and an illusory “flying” balance wheel, pulled out from the expected rear mounting position, like a suspended outer Hanging under the hemispherical crystal like a star tourist. Watch machinery 1 to 4 is an imaginative leap, while the traditional machinery N°1 is a reimagined victory. By using the design conventions of traditional watchmaking to form this unique watch movement configuration, LM1 has become the most disruptive creation of MB&F since the company was founded in 2005.

The fascinating sight of the floating balance becomes a conceptual and mechanical theme, which defines the Legacy Machine series-illustrating how watches can become part of traditional watchmaking at the same time and stand out from the rest.

Award-winning breakthrough collection
The subsequent Legacy Machines followed this excellent unconventional blueprint: with LMX, its impressive series of no less than 8 world-class movements. LM Perpetual (2015) co-conceived with another talented friend Stephen McDonnell to fundamentally redesign the respected perpetual calendar complications. LM FlyingT (2019) embodies the new vision of women’s watchmaking industry-fierce and elegant, bright and complex. The LM Thunderdome (2019) developed by multi-axis tourbillon expert Eric Coudray (2019) set a new world record with the amazing speed of its TriAx mechanism. Along with these prestigious collaborations, MB&F began to conceive of its own actions during this decade. The LMX engine is the sixth engine completely conceived by the internal engineering team of MB&F. This is no small achievement for the brand born in the new millennium.

Many people did not realize how risky this is in 2011, but MB&F seized the opportunity of the brand image that was just starting out by introducing a Machine that was closer to the aesthetic environment of almost all other watch companies. It is now possible to compare MB&F with other timepieces… However, huge risks often bring huge rewards. Over the years, the Legacy Machine series has received widespread praise, including four Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards, which have won the industry’s highest honor.

Did Legacy Machines change the MB&F Watch Lab in 2011? deeply. When LM1 surprised the watchmaking industry 10 years ago, industry experts predicted that MB&F would fundamentally shift its entire production (and sales) to the more consensus aesthetic provided by Legacy Machines. That didn’t happen: unconventional watch machinery continued to represent an important part of MB&F production… But 10 years later, watch collectors naturally also accepted the more classic-thinking Legacy Machines-they have occupied their very important position. In 2021, MB&F will continue to develop in two directions, which seem to be completely different, but always have a strong independence and creativity.

Ten years of legacy
In the fake MB&F universe, X has a special meaning based on the Roman numeral 10. It marks the 10th anniversary, for example HM3 FrogX (2020) marks the 10th anniversary of HM3, or HMX (2015), which is the 10th anniversary. MB&F years. But X is not just an ancient alternative to the Arabic numeral 10. In algebra, X is an unresolved variable; it is an integer. In the cartography, X is the desired destination. X means indescribable, inexplicable, and incategorical; it symbolizes everything we don’t know.

Display LMX to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Legacy Machines
As early as October 2011, MB&F just launched Legacy Machine N°1, which is the first product in a new series launched together with the existing Horological Machines; a creative laboratory, two interpretations of time. LMX reproduces the earliest appearance of the Legacy Machine series, which uses the same expression including a central flying balance wheel and two dials, although other aspects are different.

Two independent time zones on the tilt dial
Those familiar with MB&F’s first Legacy Machine will instinctively know how LMX works. Two stretched white lacquered dials, each with its own hour and minute display. The dial on the right is set by the crown at 2 o’clock, which is engraved with the carving of the MB&F Tomahawk and also winds the movement. The crown is located at 10 o’clock with a globe engraved on it to indicate that a second time zone may be used, thus setting the time on the left dial. However, unlike the first batch of traditional machines, both dials are tilted at an angle-the latest traditional machines have more complex functions, and because of the use of bevel gears, energy needs to be transferred from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane.

Appearance mechanics under the sapphire crystal dome
Although the previous Legacy Machines adopted a selective method for the display between the dial and the sapphire crystal ball, later models, such as LM Perpetual, LM FlyingT and LM Thunderdome, were more open and showed their mechanical properties. LMX follows the latter approach, revealing functional elements such as the tomahawk escapement and gear train components. In particular, you can see three big gears: there are two big gears next to the crown of each barrel. When the time is set on the corresponding time display, the two big gears are in motion, and the gear at 6 o’clock is The second hand. cheap swiss watches

Of particular note is the new custom balance wheel, which is a 13.4mm behemoth with an inertial mass, which marks that it is different from the traditional spiral balance wheel and provides watchmakers with higher precision to adjust The heart of LMX. Other improvements include the polished arms of the straight bridge exposed on the dial plate, which have been hand-finished to give the upper surface a curved or besset profile.

Hemisphere 7-day power reserve index
LMX inherits this historical record of MB&F and is a tribute to the world’s first Legacy Machine No.1 vertical vertical power reserve indicator. It has a brand-new three-dimensional display that can show the engine for an impressive 7 days ( 168 hours) power reserve. In this improved display, you can choose to count down the power reserve in two modes. Two markers are located on opposite sides of the hemisphere; one is framed by an arched ruler numbered 1 to 7, and the other ruler shows the day of the week.

By rotating the entire power reserve display itself, this complex and completely novel interaction between components is made more complicated. This allows the wearer to choose his preferred power reserve indicator mode: even after the power reserve is fully replenished, by continuing to wind the Tomahawk crown, the wearer can adjust the direction of the indicator to achieve the best state. When the LMX is installed on the wrist, it is easier to see the week or digital scale.

Symmetrical movement structure
Like the perfectly balanced X, the engine of the LMX is highly symmetrical-not only on the dial side, but also observed through the sapphire caseback, revealing the three barrels evenly distributed in the center, as well as the sun pattern of Côtes de Genève. For those who can read the language of the watch core, it is a treat, they can distinguish the expert intention and exquisite purpose of each component after it is placed.

The X in LMX is not only a symmetric symbol, but also another way of representing the number 10. LMX is the crossroads where the first and second decade of Legacy Machine Collection meet.