Richard Mille Purchase Guide – Why is so expensive?

Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor JEAN TODT Ref.:RM 036 watch

Modern watchmaster – the same name brand embodying 21 Richard Miller’s vision St -century Table: A front-garde luxury watch symbolizes this with past interruptions.

Richard Miller’s brief history
Richard Mille was born in Draguignan, France in 1951, almost accidentally entered the market research field and entered the watchmaking field. Richard Mille was once the export manager of French Mark Finhor, and he promoted to Many Chief Director before the acquisition of Finhor, Matra Group.

In 1990, he became the CEO of Mauboussin’s watchmaking department and served as a jewelry. He has been deeply involved in the design process, and his attention to the design of the design and the enthusiasm of the machinery, the idea of ​​the cheap Richard Mille watches we know today.

“I want to stay in the dream that I can’t find anywhere” – Richard Mille

Richard Mille has established a technological innovation, artistic and high-level mental cultures, and has become the leadership of the modern development industry, and many people are considered the ultimate reflection of wealth.

From the beginning, Richard Mille’s plan is to create a clock-level equation racing, completely ignore production costs, and focus on using modern production technology and high-tech materials to achieve optimal performance. Richard Mille is extremely avant-garde and technical force, which will deform advanced technology and futuristic materials into purely designed and extraordinary creativity, and combines traditional tomography.

Richard Mille marked a rupture in the history of the table, completely changed the world of luxury watches, which imitated how the car engineer made a model of the first-class organ, and perfectly considered design, material use, Components and functions.

In 2001, under the support of the famous Swiss movement manufacturer, including Audemars Piguet Renaud ET PAPI, the table has witnessed the first Richard Mille RM 001 in the Basel Women’s Wall. RM 001 is only one of the most standardized and unique time meter of the world. At least twice the other trees in this period.

In 2007, Richard Mille became a member of the Advanced Watch Foundation, which was the most coveted gold award in the global watch industry, namely the Aiuguille D’OR Award.

Richard Mille himself is a role model of his life affected by his name. This brand often appears in sports cars and rowing competitions, riding a private aircraft around the world and walks with A-Listers.

To date, Richard Mille has cooperated with many athletes and celebrities to participate in the design process, create excellent timekeeping, and can conduct strict pressure test under extreme conditions. Despite the fragile devices in traditional tabular, Richard Mille tried to prove his RM036 “G-Sensor Tourbillon” (Touri Wheelome) theory is wrong, it can bear Destroy most of the power of most gyro movements. Richard Mille watches can resist up to 5000 g of impact, and durable, wear in extreme motion such as tennis, golf, track and field and skiing. Richard Mille redefines the traditional concept of high-end watches, and encourages its elite customers to wear Richard Mille watches in all occasions instead of placing them in a safe place.