Best Versace V-RACE BRONZE-GRAY AION CHRONO Fake watch PVBR05-P0017

Today, I am going to take a look at the V-Urban Versace fake watch from Versace’s Spring/Summer 2019 series.

At first glance, it has very fascinating qualities. The white kaleidoscope-like sun ray dial will bring you into the watch and let out more details.

This men’s watch draws inspiration from retro aesthetics. Go back to the elegance of the past, especially the watches from the 1950s and 1960s.

You can see the retro signs expressed and embodied by the simplicity of the watch. The smart design, low-key size and meticulous details, with an ultra-thin case, are very suitable for a more formal appearance.

You can choose the double-stitched tobacco-colored leather butterfly buckle (my personal favorite), or you can choose the more exaggerated IP gold butterfly buckle double-tone steel with a middle link.

Versace V Race 42mm White Deal watch P23C99-PD002-PS009

I would love to know what fake Versace fans think of this watch.

I have always found that Versace is one of the most important pioneers of women’s fashion. He wanted them to feel powerful, sexy and independent when wearing their clothes. Gianni Versace quoted in the book “The World’s Most Influential Fashion Designer”: “Fashion must express individuality and individuality freely. I am always looking for people outside the crowd, personal, free People, they have a real sense of style, which means their own sense of style.”

These words sum up all my philosophy about fashion. So does this watch echo the beliefs of the late Gianni?

For my money, it did it. The watch has a very unique style and visual experience. Perhaps the use of a steel bracelet may be mistaken for the Rolex Datejust 36 Champagne Burst, but only in the distance, there are many obvious differences between the two.

At 12 o’clock there is a Versace stamp from Versace. Fans of Versace will love it.

Minimalism is absolutely fashionable. It is an accessory that the city calls. An elegant Versace essential for men.

Versace men GT191307 Watch