Hands on Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II

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This may happen to you: you tell someone that you are passionate about watches and find endless beauty in these outdated small mechanical wrist mechanisms. You are poetic about sports, and you can even use reference numbers casually, as if the audience should know what you are talking about. When you finish talking to yourself about the virtues of clocks and watchmaking, it sounds more like the last drop of effort injecting momentum into the conversation. The audience will immediately tell you that they don’t understand, and they do Didn’t care to get it. For them, this is beyond anything worth trying to understand. As they say, you either have it or you don’t.

Although I often find myself poetic about watches, if someone does the same thing to abstract art, under the above circumstances, I will keep in close contact with the audience.

The replica Hublot Sang Bleu II limited edition chronograph brings together the world of haute horology and abstract art. This is the result of the relationship between Hublot and the Swiss self-proclaimed “tattoo artist” Maxim Plesia Beach. His studio and creative company Sang Bleu includes a magazine that explores art, fashion, sociology, kink culture and tattoo culture. Most importantly, the studio even dabbles in fonts. They have also designed logos for Balenciaga and even the City of Stockholm, but a touch point that American audiences may be familiar with is that Maxime Plescia-Büchi used his daughter’s and mother’s birthdays as Kanye West tattoo.

This is the second watch in collaboration with Plescia-Büchi. Arthur Touchot introduced the first version here, believing that Hublot has indeed been challenged by Maxime’s requirements, such as creating a new bezel and time display unique to this watch, but the result is “Hublot is in its best condition.”

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the world of Sang Bleu. Sometimes fashion may have some obstacles (readers noticed that I should ask the fashion police to come to me). I only took an introductory course in sociology at university, and I don’t know much about kink or tattoo culture. But, like Arthur, I found this watch very interesting. It is an exercise in getting rid of traditional thinking when designing. The Hublot brand was built from a resistive attitude, but the current product lineup has such a strong theme visual image throughout the theme, and many models quote the same obvious design features. For Hublot, it is worth noting that the rope is handed over to a third party.

People don’t have to put sleeves or whips in the closet to appreciate the charm of Sang Bleu II. Imagine Sang Bleu II side by side with the standard replica Big Bang, and the details start to pop out. First, the 45mm case was modified to have bevels, bevels, and alternate polished and satin-finished surfaces. There are two kinds of materials for the watch: Titanium Gold and King Gold. King Gold is Hublot’s proprietary formula, which is a bit richer than standard gold. There is a little red in it, and it needs to be polished well.

The main color of the watch is the blue associated with Sang Bleu. In an interview with Something Curated in 2016, Plescia-Büchi explained the concept behind the blue tone.

“Sang Bleu (Sang Bleu) means “blue blood” in French. It was actually born out of the idea of ​​revealing this cultural intersection in a reasonable way. The blue blood is a symbol of nobility. The idea of ​​playing with blue ink and bloodlines to almost mention nobility is actually a statement of contemporary culture, which no longer applies to “high” or “noble”, then “secondary” and “despicable” Or “popularity” and other traditional values. Have a horizontal and overall understanding of culture.”

The only watch I have seen that is comparable in dial color is Sinn U1 B. Although the color is very similar, the feel on the wrist is quite different. With its angular case shape and geometrically decorated dial, it is more like a mysterious amulet than modern Wholesale watches, which can protect evil spirits or technologies protected by ancient times or past civilizations.

Checked hands are the decisive feature of watch aesthetics. They are interesting exercises in geometric shapes and designs, and they are derived from the Sang Bleu tattoo design. In the entire tattoo work done by the London studio, the triangle pattern appears. Hublot’s Unico HUB1240 can push large hands.

Remember those geometric puzzles that asked how many triangles to display a long time ago? You can also play the game with Sang Bleu II’s hands.

Remember those geometric puzzles that asked how many triangles to display a long time ago? You can also play the game with Sang Bleu II’s hands.

With Sang Bleu II, I don’t have the language of abstract art, but I appreciate what happens when Plescia-Büchi’s work meets the mechanical watch industry. Just like art itself, certain things are not suitable for everyone, as people who seem to have no knowledge of mechanical watchmaking have explained. But what is certain is that my short work at Sang Bleu II brought me closer to admiring (at least in terms of watches) abstract art.

Hublot Sang Bleu II best uses the HUB1240 automatic chronograph movement with a 72-hour power reserve. Both King Gold and Titanium models use a 45 mm case.