Hublot’s Masterpiece (MP) Watch Series

The famous Big Bang, classic fusion replica and imperial models, Hublot ’s unique MP collection debuted at the Geneva Trade Show in January 2011 with the launch of “MP-01.” A team of 30 developers and engineers completely Commitment to tremendous complexity and extraordinary movements makes these record-breaking works possible. This series accurately reflects what Jean-Claude Biver, the chairman of Hublot, said: “More watchmaking, more mastery, more innovation …”

The first “masterpiece” MP-01 is limited to 100 pieces. It is a cylindrical titanium watch with a curved chronograph movement, and has a 10-day power reserve through three barrels working continuously. The timepiece is completely developed and manufactured by Hublot’s professional team, consisting of 384 parts and 43 jewelry.

Since 2011, the series has introduced several breakthrough timepieces, including the MP-02 Key of Time, which enables the wearer to adjust the time lapse of the watch in three different ways. In 2013, Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show launched more “MP” timepieces, including the record-breaking MP-05 LaFerrari and MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon.

MP-05 LaFerrari is completely designed, developed and produced by Hublot manufacturing engineers and watchmakers, and its 50-day power reserve further highlights its position – the world record for manual winding tourbillon watches. Conceptualized with the Ferrari team, the complex shape of sapphire crystal echoes the silhouette of the sports car, and the case is made of black PVD titanium.

MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon, developed to commemorate the ancient mechanism discovered in Greek waters in 1901, was exhibited at the Basel International replica watch and Jewelry Exhibition one year after the launch of the “Salute to Antikythera Mechanism” at the Archaeological Museum of Athens. The Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious objects in the history of civilization and is considered to be the first “astronomical calculator” in human history.

Its history can be traced back to the second century BC. This watch is limited to 20 pieces. It features a simplified original mechanism and a miniature version to commemorate ancient masterpieces. It includes solar and lunar calendars, and displays the positions of the stars of the sun and moon.